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Otávio Banffy

Funny Friday: Engrish the 27 of April - Sincerely, Gift

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You know the drill already. :)

Sincerely, Gift


Murdering Toys of Doom


Elegant Frying Pans


Text reads:

Shining Elegance
A high qualified feeling 
appeals to our mind.
An admirable elegance that makes
us wide-eyed.
Authentic elegance has an

incredible power which changes
the surrounding atmosphere.
(Taken from the back of a frying pan)

Bear From Cicago


When I always never forever sometimes occasionally maybe potentially all the time want to be clean.


I beg of you, love Café Miami, since 1943


Feeling the life beats of others is for romance enthusiasts and muderers only


When you want to swear, but can't


Flesh Juice contains no Alcohol. Only lots of iron.


Flesh Juices above, Fresh Guts below


Some of those I found to be really exquisite today!

Favorites? :)
Have a great time!

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As always, my favorites are the Japanese ones

Flesh juice is an easy mistake for them, since L and R sound the same for Japanese. And 'Gut' may be just a German for 'good'. But that's just my boring side talking. As Japanese say themselves, in their superb Engrish, ドンマイ, 'don't mind' 

(It's a command, though. Like 'don't mind me')

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