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Vacations are a thing - remember them!

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Freelancers are entrepreneurs. Our work hours are our trade, and our trade is our life.

That said, more hours spent on work are not necessarily more profitable. If not directly, then indirectly.

Today's post is focused on that. Entitled "3 Reasons Why Taking a Vacation Beats Being a Workaholic Martyr", this article on Entrepreneur by Ryan Peck has its title summarizing it up.


1. Increase your creativity.

Vacationing is proven to increase one's creativity, according to a study by the Harvard Business Review. Taking your mind off of work during vacation gets the creative engine in the brain ticking again. When work feels redundant it leads to lack of innovation. A mental break reignites creativity and imagination that somehow disappeared.

Robert Kriegel, author of How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard, proclaims "workers get many of their best ideas away from the job."

Some of my best business ideas and inspirations have come while I was on vacation.


Being an entrepreneur on multiple levels, besides a freelancer, I know this to be true. I felt it multiple times. The best ideas come when you're not focused on having them at all. Solutions for complicated phrases and punchlines show up when you least expect them. Resting, not necessarily on vacations, is good for boot starting the creative portion of your mind, because it lets your unconscious side do the work for you.


2. Increase your productivity.

Vacationing is proven to increase productivity. A study by the Boston Consulting Group concluded that high-level professionals who regularly took time off work were significantly more productive than those who spent more time working.

Taking that time away from work can drastically vacationing can drastically increase our productivity by being able to reflect on a higher level that you usually wouldn't have the chance to do. It's an opportunity for your mind to be more productive, even when you're not working.


If there is anyone who can identify with burn-outs, it's freelancers, and translators especially at that. Besides helping you avoid health problems, resting will give your body time to rebuild what it lost and grow stronger for the activities you perform. That's how callouses are formed, and the rest of your body works in the same way, even if you don't feel it at first.


3. Increase your emotional well-being.

Additionally, vacationing can drastically increase our emotional well-being. Working long hours takes a mental and physical toll on the body. Taking time away provides an uplifting emotional charge that helps us resist burnout.

The University of Pittsburgh surveyed  1,399 participants and found that going on vacation regularly contributed to higher positive emotional levels and less depression among the participants. In particular, Women who vacationed at least two times per year were less likely to suffer from depression and had decreased levels of stress.

Less stress and higher positive emotions can help business owners lead better and work smarter. Less stress translates to more happiness. We become better leaders, which will benefit the company overall.


Again, as a freelancer, you are your own business. If one thing is missing, the overall quality will suffer. If you feel stressed, lacking affection, fun, or anything else really, it will change how you perceive your work. For a healthier work life, you need to have a healthier life, first.

And this works for everyone, not just business owners.

As the author's last message:


As a business owner, I make it a goal to vacation at least three times per year. They don't have to be extravagant vacations, but just enough to get away from the office. It elevates my business to a higher level than if I would have stayed home to work extended hours, day in and day out, without a break.

I am convinced that entrepreneurs who make vacationing a higher priority will see their creativity skyrocket. They will be happier and more productive. Vacationing will help them find more success in business than if stayed home working overworking themselves and bragging about it.


I realize that denying work so you have more time for yourself can feel like a tremendous work relationship loss, but in the end, making your own rules for your own business will help you feel more in control, and also allow you to find the situations that fit you best, instead of coercing yourself (or being coerced by others) to accept whatever is thrown at you. :)

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