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Funny Friday: Unhelpful Subtitles the 20th of April

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One of my favorite models of Funny Fridays so far has been the subtitling edition. So many weird stuff about. I don't know how these people got to write these things, but they somehow were published just like they are. And we are here to examine them!

For the visually impaired


I'm starting to question this... Maybe they wrote it so Google's Voice can read it?


Now, this is truly informative.

You had one job, subtitles.

Subtitles implying awkwardness.

From The Artist.

That's journalistic accuracy for you.

An unexpected confession from Gareth Bale, there. H/T Guardian user da7iron.

She is Zooey Deschanel, for your information.

Zooey Deschanel is a terrorist suspect? Are you sure, Fox News?

That does not sound right.


Making movies even funnier than they ever would have managed to be.

Taken from a poorly translated foreign edition of Lord Of The Rings.



Credits to BuzzFeed for putting them all together. More on another Friday!


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