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Melchor Aurelio Aguirre Sa

This is how i use Qtranslate with smartcat

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Hahaha, you really want Deepl, don't you Melchor?

Well, Smartcat has a very agile and constant developmental schedule. We can't tell when it will be ready, or even if, so do your best with the workarounds you've got so far, and don't count the days for it to happen. It might come sooner than you expect.

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For personal purposes of translating The contents of baking recipees, and procedures, the sugestion offered by deepl machine translation seems to be very acurrate The price of the of services is quite affordable.. 

The world's best translation quality for €20 per month
im quoting the page of Deepl Pro..

Translation of 1000000 characters included.
Additional characters billed at €0.01 per 500 characters.

Cost control available to limit your monthly charge.

Full flexibility

Translating less than 1000000 characters per month? You'll never pay more than €20.

Translating more? Additional characters are billed at €0.01 per 500 characters (which corresponds to €20.00 per 1000000 characters). You can translate as much as you want. To limit costs, you can activate cost control upon subscription.


No risk

Activate cost control to set a limit on your maximum character count and monthly charge. You'll never be billed more.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel your subscription at any time; your contract will expire at the end of the current billing period.


I would like to have it on smartcat to supercharge the translation memory formation. .. No for pretranslate full documments..

Works better than lilt.  Is the same idea, just that deepl sugest the full sentence in one round...Hope the IDE some day have the same features that the web page have it.



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