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The time has come for what I believe to be the funniest kind of Funny Fridays: subtitle horror.

I don't like those odds at all.

I wonder how they got to such values.


These people have no other way of referencing old ladies?

What a delightful name.

Who wouldn't want to name their child "phrase whore"?

Something's definitely gone wrong here.

Those guys look like really unhappy prisoners.


We should burn every green thing on Earth!!


Gods. They could not have picked a worst time for that.


That's why he's standing there, thinking about it.


Mutated cats. That's the answer.

Nope. Not even close.

That's how the galaxy is positioned. Sith at the west, Jedi at the east, scratching each other's back.


They are looking after the rights of the people the firemen had to deal with.

Thanks for joining us. :)

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