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Hi to you all, I have started working with SmartCat and have looked for an instruction document to download but cannot seem to find one.

First I would like to know how I can import directly from my mail the document to be translated in order to send back by email.

Also I would like to know how I can revise an already translated document so that the changes I have made can be seen when I send back.

Would appreciate your help and advice.


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Hi there,

There is no manual for Smartcat. You do get a sample project that walks you through the basics on your project page of you account as soon as you log in, so there's that! You also have a hefty help section, articles with tips here at the forum, and the community & support to help you out.

You can't import projects from your email. You need to download the files to your PC, upload them to Smartcat, perform the work, download the translation then upload it back via email.

Within Smartcat people can see the changes made to each segment within the project on the Revision tab of the Editor. If your clients are not using Smartcat or do not have access to the project, you can manually create files with track changes.

1. Translate the file.
2. Download the translated file to your PC. Name it properly.
3. Make a revision on Smartcat.
4. Download the translation again, and name it as the second version.
5. On programs such as Word, when manipulating.doc(x) files, you can make comparisons between two files and track their changes like that.

On Smartcat, you might be able to make a review report somehow, but this isn't something I've looked for so I wouldn't be able to tell. Reach out to support@smartcat.ai to see if they have something for you on this matter.

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Oh, by "make a revision" I meant for you to go through the entire translation, reviewing the segments one by one yourself. As you would when checking a document for quality. :)

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