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HELP- my projects disappeared

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Hello everyone, 

To my absolute shock, I noticed that all my past and current projects disappeared from my page! I think that happened after the website's update. Is anyone else having the same problem? Any suggestions? I have a deadline tomorrow and this is so not what anyone wants to happen...


Thank you.

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Hi adma,

Could it be due to your server was somehow changed?

I've never noticed this before so it might be the new feature they added during the weekend but there's the switch that you can change the server. (I, myself have other problem since the major update during the last weekend and I'm not sure how to fix it...) It's on the left bottom corner of your Workspace screen (see below screenshot) showing "USA" or "Europe". 


When I change the server, I also don't see any of my projects though it says I have my data on multiple SmartCAT servers (below screenshot). But when I switch it back, everything is there.


Hope this helps!



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Kaori and Otávio,


Thanks a lot for your help! Eventually the problem was the server change. I don't quite understand why the served changed, but at least now I have my projects haha


Thanks again for the help!



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