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Mark V

xliff and sdlxliff exports

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Until now I used to upload a .doc or .docx to Smartcat, make the translation and download the result as .docx and .xliff. An agency once asked me for .sdlxliff, but I said all I could give them is .docx and .xliff.

Today, however, an agency sent me a sdlxliff-file. Smartcat had no problem at all in dealing with it. But when I wanted to download the translation, the "Word" option was gone. I had to choose between a bilingual Word-file (no formatting) or a sdlxliff-file.

For the agency, the sdlxliff-file is fine. But personally I like to check the formatting, layout etc, for which I used the Word-file.

Am I correct that uploading a sdlxliff-file rules out the possibility of downloading the translation as a Word-file? If so, is there a work-around?

Thank you for your help!


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Hey Mark,

I've dealt with .sdlxliff files before but I didn't try and download them as a Word document.

But generally speaking, you can only download it as a Word document under two conditions:
- The source file is a Word document;
- It's a bilingual comparison.

Smartcat always gives you 3 options when possible: the source download, in its original form; the bilingual comparison file as a Word doc; and the translated document.

Considering .sdlxliff is an SDL Trados file, you can open it with SDL and export it like a Word document if the .sdlxliff file was projected from a Word document (and SDL have that capability). Otherwise, you won't be able to transform the file.

But if anyone has any ideas, go ahead and share them!

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Thanks for your reply.

Since I don't have SDL, I will first upload the .sdlxliff, translate it and then upload the .dox, translating it using the fresh .sdlxliff Translation Memory.  It's not as convenient as directly exporting to .doc, but it's not too much work either.

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