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Ivan Garcia

One email, multiple accounts?

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I am facing a problem that significantly affects my use of the platform. When I log in with my email I am presented with two options (USA and Europe). If I change my profile (personal details, services), changes are reflected in both domains (us.smartcat.ai and smartcat.ai) as expected. However, for each option, I see different projects and different chat messages. The job offers are thus different, and worse, I do not receive email notifications of offers received through the Europa option. How to solve this? Would it be possible to unify these accounts through a unique identifier, since apparently the system does not use my email address for this? Note: I have an ongoing project that appears only in the USA account, so I can't risk trying to remove the accounts to create a new one.

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Hi Ivan,

This is something I struggled with in the past, too. Both the US and Europe accounts were created and projects were scattered among them.

Since every account is essentially the same, what I advise is for you to simply use the European one for all your future projects. Or the US one, if most of your projects come from there.

However, I don't think you can unify them. They exist so the system works better for different clients. Projects are linked not only to your account, but also to that of the clients, and they can't be forced to use an account from another region. But you can bring your personal projects to any account you want, I believe.

As for the job notifications, you should be getting them for every account. If you are not receiving notifications from the European account, try logging in on it and checking its settings.

If the options to receive notifications are activated (they should be by default), then you can contact support.

For a better clarification on either issue, you can reach out to the support team at support@smartcat.ai.

Good luck!

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Olá, Otávio, obrigado por responder. Eu contactei o suporte e me disseram que em um dos casos que reportei realmente houve um problema temporário com as notificações, mas que agora está tudo funcionando. 

Hi, Otávio, thank you for answering. I contacted the support and they told me that in one of the cases I reported there was a temporary problem with notifications, but now everything is fine.

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