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Mark V

How to import a TM to an existing project?

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I am new to SmartCAT, but so far I am impressed with the level of user friendliness.

When creating a project, you can upload a TM and write the results of your translation to another TM. But once I got a TM after I had created a project, and another time I forgot to choose my default TM to write to. How can I assign a TM to an existing project? There is a possibility to upload documents and update translations to an existing project, but tmx-files are not accepted then...

Thank you very much, Mark

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I got there already. If you hover over the project, you should click "Go to project". The, on top of the page, you can add TM's.

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That's right Mark, I'm glad you worked it out.

You can add Glossaries and Translation Memories on the Resources section of your Workspace. Then, you can associate those resources with your projects in the project settings. When you are at the project page, there will be the Resources tab under its title, on the top of the page. There you can select which TMs are connected to the project, and choose which one the project should write over, as well.

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