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I've worked with some companies that required quality check reports. To be fair, most of their requests were redundant, and most of them are already covered by Smartcat's Verifika Quality Assurance (QA) tool integrated in the Editor, but some things can slip up and some conditions are a little too complex to check segment by segment, and there's a QA tool called Xbench which does exactly that.

Their latest update introduced a Smartcat integration. You still require the app itself installed in your machine, and for ease of access you can use the Chrome extension to activate it from the Smartcat Editor itself.

Here are the update's integration notes:


With this integration, you can do the following:

  • When editing a document in Smartcat, click the Xbench Chrome extension icon to instantly load the Smartcat file in a Xbench project.
  • Select one or more documents in the Smartcat workspace and click the Xbench Chrome extension to instantly load all documents selected in a Xbench project.
  • Select one issue in Xbench, right-click, choose Edit Segment (Ctrl+E) and Smartcat will open the document right at that segment.

You can grab Xbench on its Download page. Xbench IS a paid service, so you get 30 days for free and then you have to switch to a subscription, but to some of you it will be worth it because its QA checks are very thorough and some companies require them.

Here's a video explaining how to use Xbench on Smartcat.

You can find more videos like those explaining to you how to use Xbench in their website.

Check it out. Might be the tool responsible to ramping up your level a little bit. :)

This is a cool integration. Before that, I'd have to download the files and set up in the Xbench software together with the original files in order to get the report. It's quite customizable as well.

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On 2/14/2018 at 7:13 AM, Otávio Banffy said:

Check it out. Might be the tool responsible to ramping up your level a little bit. :)

I started to use it one week ago when doing a +25K words translation (e-Commerce industry); there's a certain point where you start missing some details and having Xbench to check the whole thing at the end for you at a hyperspeed is gold. 

I'm enjoying the trial version and I'm planning to switch to a paid subscription, is not expensive and it's yearly.

Thank you for the news about the Chrome extension and the integration! :82_heart_eyes_cat:

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