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On today's Funny Friday I'm giving you a collection of purposefully Engrish t-shirts and signs created to pay homage to the tropes.

All images are representatives of actual products in the Engrish.com Store website. Their motto is aptly to "Have fun with", and not "make fun of", which I believe is quite adequately represented, and aligned with out Funny Fridays.

You can click the images to check out the products themselves if you want to.

I Hate Myself and I Want to Die T-shirt

Shi-Ting - T-shirt

I Don't Speak Mandarin - T-shirt

Endless Despair - T-shirt

It is Bread - T-shirt

Stick to Coffee & Alcohol - T-shirt

Having Fun Prohibited - T-shirt

Asia - T-shirt

Cookie - T-shirt

In other news, I thought it would be of interest to note that the Chinese government has issued guidelines for signs in public places. Brought by: @Virginia Monti

Have a nice weekend!

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