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Hi Smartcat community!

I do not have much activity here in the forums other than commenting and sharing some thoughts and feelings on everyone else posts, so I decided to take a deep look at some threads and I haven't seen something like "What's your workflow?" or "Which places do you visit the most in order to clear doubts, find alternative translations or to understand XYZ context?"

Well... here it is! I even made a very amateur banner for it and I EVEN included the Voldemort of the translation industry (hopefully you will catch the joke).

So, what's your workflow? I will start with a funny example to give you an idea:


This thread isn't meant to be 100% fun but also to gather as much info as possible of workarounds and "ways of working" in order to compile something interesting, especially since there are so many translators with so different language pairs!

Hope you like it and I look forward to reading your thoughts!


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