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Otávio Banffy

Courses for Specializing: from Music Production to Medicinal Chemistry

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Plenty of you know by now that streaming down is one of the most effective ways of finding a steady flow of clients. It's difficult to be second when you are the only one selling in an entire marketplace.

When thinking about your interests, perhaps from hobbies, past job experiences, etc. you don't always consider linking them with your translation profession, but that's a wonderful idea. It saves you time from having to specialize, because you're already specialized.

And what happens when you want to learn something new?

Translation Times made a small compilation of online courses that the twin owners thought might be of interest to people with specific knowledge-seeking desires. The courses comes from two platforms previously mentioned, Coursera and edX. Below is the list they provided:


It's an old list, but I wanted to point you to it, since they were the ones that gave me the idea in the first place.
I thought to make a small selection of my own, a little more updated.

And these are all the courses on Coursera that I can point, of interest. I'm seriously surprised at how little there were, it used to be much better. I'm also surprised not to see any option to change language. Huh... Now that I investigated it, it seems that some courses only show up under certain circumstances, such as being logged in and having specific region settings. That's not fun at all. What a shame.

Let's check out another platform. 

Yeah, I've got to say, edX had plenty more stuff to show for it. Also, they seem to be of higher quality (but I'm just judging the book by its cover).

Either way, you've got here a nice collection of newly updated topics for you to niche down onto. Maybe you've been wanting to know more about solar-powered solutions for your home. Studying solar energy suddenly became more viable, and you'll be getting knowledge that is very specific for your translation profession. Not just that, most of these offer certificates at the end (some might be paid, if not all of them) which you can show together with your portfolio.

This is some real level of nicheing down. And you get to learn interesting things in the process. Might be a good opportunity for you. :)

Let us know which courses you'll be enrolling in, and what you think of them later on. Good luck!

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