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Otávio Banffy

Working with Translations: Online Course

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I've been wanting to cover online courses for some time now and I have some ideas held up in my sleeve, and today I'll bring a small mention that will be of interest to some of you.

Online courses often make their money from people who pay for a certification, special access, tests, or further content. But a majority of them have a free access option that allows you to explore and absorb the general knowledge. That's the case with this one.

There's this free online course on Future Learn called Working with Translation: Theory and Practice and it's basically a resume of what translation is all about.
A lot of you are long-time translators already and have no need (or no interest) of such definitions, but some of you are just starting out and need some guidance, a proper understanding of the translation culture and industry, and want to know whether you really are a fit for this or not.

The next session, as of the date of this post, is March 19 - 2018.

Future Learn is an online courses platform such as Coursera and edX. They seem to have a nice variety of courses there. Maybe I'll talk about them in the future.

Here are the topics the course is meant to cover:

  • Definitions and metaphors of translation
  • Varieties of translation, for example: phonetic, interlingual and cultural translation
  • Translators in history
  • The role of translators
  • Professional ethics and codes of conduct
  • Where translation takes place
  • Writing a successful translation commission
  • The nature of quality in translation

So if you want to know what an online course is like, if you are starting out or if you want to decide whether or not you want to become a translator, this course might be for you.

And if not, browse a bit their linguistic courses, they have some interesting ones popping up, such as Irish 101, Writing Better Emails, Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching, and Global Citizenship

And make sure to come back here and tell us what you thought of it after you take the course. :)

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This is valuable information, I will note this on my calendar.

I want to have a very solid understanding of the underpinnings of the translation industry. Also, I feel that it is super important to know how to write good emails when talking with prospective clients and agencies.

On another topic, there's an online course on EdX about English grammar that I always wanted to take but I lack discipline when I don't have a partner to do it and share the progress. It starts on February 19!

Does anyone want to do it with me? :11_blush:

Thanks for this post, @Otávio Banffy!

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