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Today I'm bringing you a very small post by Will Procter. It's very to the point and it's basically an exposition of a few things localizers and content creators can miss when setting up the translation process of an online course.

Having started my translation career translating online courses, this was an interesting read. If you know some online courses platforms you may also know that plenty of them have translation programs within them. The entire thing is interesting even if you are not much into MOOCSs (Massive Online Open Course(s)).


With any learning content localization, there are specific areas that we need to focus on to make sure nothing is lost.

The first of these areas are language-specific. Making sure any idioms are translated according to the meaning of the whole idiom and not just the meanings of the individual words is best practice in any area of translation but particularly important in online learning. Mistranslation of an idiom can render a whole paragraph impossible to understand or even change its meaning, which can have a very negative effect on a course.

Further on, he also mentions Connotation, Corporate Tone, and Consistency.

It's a one minute read, so go take a look even if you are not that into this topic. Most of what he said is taken for granted. It's part of our routine, really, but I figured the context was interesting enough to promote it. Also, I might be talking about online courses some more in the coming days. Stay tuned.


If we do it right, localization of online courses can have massive benefits to the learner. It’s important to be aware of making sure the subtleties of the course aren’t lost, but taking the time to do this can mean that rather than losing out, we gain from localizing online course content.


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