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Otávio Banffy

Funny Friday: Weird Brazilian movie titles translations!

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Hey everyone, it's time to share something fun again and I thought to have some laughs with our movie title translations here in Brazil!

Here are a few famous movies that got awfully weird or disconnected (sometimes even contrary to the plot's development) title translations. And series, too.

  1. The Hangover
    1. Translation: Se Beber, Não Case!
    2. Back-translation: If you drink, don't marry!
  2. The Sound of Music
    1. Translation: A Noviça Rebelde
    2. Back-translation: The Rebel Novice
  3. Memento
    1. Translation: Amnésia
    2. Back-translation: Amnesia
  4. Nowhere Boy
    1. Translation: O Garoto de Liverpool
    2. Back-translation: The Boy From Liverpool
  5. Fear Dot Com
    1. Translation: Medo Ponto Com Br
    2. Back-translation: Fear Dot Com Br (I actually liked this one, rather xD)
  6. Lost in Translation
    1. Brazilian Translation: Encontros e Desencontros
    2. Back-translation: Matches and Mismatches
    3. Portuguese Translation: O Amor é um lugar estranho
    4. Back-translation: Love is a strange place
  7. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    1. Translation: Um Maluco No Pedaço
    2. Back-translation: A Crazy Fellow On The Hood
  8. Fullhouse
    1. Translation: Três É Demais
    2. Back-translation: Three Is Too Much
  9. 3rd Rock From The Sun
    1. Translation: Uma Família De Outro Mundo
    2. Back-translation: A Family From Another World
  10. Caroline in the City
    1. Translation: Tudo por um Gato
    2. Back-translation: Everything for a Cat
  11. Charmed
    1. Translation: Jovem Bruxas
    2. Back-translation: Young Witches
  12. Family Guy
    1. Translation: Uma Família da Pesada
    2. Back-translation: A Heavy Duty Family
  13. The Good Wife
    1. Translation: Pelo Direito de Recomeçar
    2. Back-translation: For The Right to Start Over
  14. Charlie's Angels
    1. Translation: As Panteras
    2. Back-translation: The Panthers
  15. Breaking Bad
    1. Translation: Breaking Bad - A Química do Mal
    2. Back-translation: Breaking Bad - The Chemistry of Evil

That's it for today, guys!

Was there any that stood out from the rest? Maybe something you agree with? Elaborate below!



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I think every country has its funny (and often unfortunate) title translations


One that comes to mind in Russian is the translation of 'Hangover'

First they decided to translate it as "Мальчишник в Вегасе" ("Bachelor Party in Vegas"), but then the second movie came out which had nothing to do with Vegas, because it was set in Bangkok. But our movie guys didn't bat an eye and just translated it as "Мальчишник 2: Из Вегаса в Бангкок" ("Bachelor Party 2: From Vegas to Bangkok"). At least, they admitted they screwed up. So the third part was translated in a mosest way: "Мальчишник: Часть 3" ("Bachelor Party: Part III")

But as always, they also tried to make more money by abusing a more popular franchise, so the movie "Bridesmaids" which has nothing to do with "Hangover" series was translated as "Девичник в Вегасе" ("Bachelorette Party in Vegas")


And so it goes. Sometimes I think that they think we are that stupid. I personally always check such suspicious "coincidences" in translations

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