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This little monster called Jajo was registered at an agency (an agency backed by the Ministry of Justice in the UK) as a translator, and was even invited for a seminar. The news come from the Birmingham Mail.


[Jajo's caretaker,] the Czech interpreter, from Erdington, says she pulled the stunt as a protest against the company for allegedly causing “chaos” after taking over translator services for cops and Birmingham courts.

“It’s ridiculous,” said 46-year-old Marie, who has worked as a court interpreter for five years. I wasn’t surprised he was accepted because I knew they were not going to check anything.’’


Marie said she successfully filled in Jajo’s application form after registering his name, date of birth and an email address.

The rabbit later received a welcome email from the company which urged him not to “miss out” on future Ministry of Justice assignments. It added: “You are receiving this email as you have been identified as an interpreter.

‘‘If you still wish to gain work under the Framework Agreement, we advise you to return to the website and resume your registration.”

Marie says her ten-month old bunny was sent around 15 emails by ALS, including an invitation to be formally assessed. All the emails were signed off with the company slogan, “High quality language solutions delivered on time... with a smile!”

Earlier this month the Birmingham Mail, reported how foreign suspects were being allowed to walk free from police custody before questioning because of a shortage of interpreters from the service.

We told how officers have been forced to release some arrested foreign suspects on bail because they could not get interpreters for police station interviews.

On Tuesday, MP Gisela Stuart (Lab Edgbaston), highlighted the scandal to David Cameron in Parliament.

A spokesperson from the agency later on added their comments:


She added: “Anyone can register their interest in becoming an interpreter for ALS. But they are still required to undergo assessment, security and qualification checks before being accepted as an ALS interpreter to work within the criminal justice system.

“I suspect that Jajo might fail such checks.”

While I understand her point, we can't deny this isn't a little bit comical. :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss one thing:

Do you believe that agencies do a proper job at hiring the right people? Do you think their selection process actually select translators and interpreters based on how good they are?
Discuss below! And leave a laugh if you laughed. xD

I, for one, don't believe in the selection process most agencies have. I've met one agency, ONE, that had a decent selection process, and that was a brazilian game localization company, surprisingly enough. In most agencies, the online test is often riddled with flaws, their support has no desire to fix their mistakes, and the test is dubious at best and plain inaccurate at worst. And those that don't have tests have requirements that are not relevant enough.

Even within translation agencies' own selected people you get to fight over rates and availability. Some agencies boast they have a database of 100 bazillion translators. But just about 30 know what they are doing, if it gets to that.


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I don't see anything wrong in this.

I would've also hired Jajo as an interpreter... for his fluffiness and for having such cute short legs. :17_heart_eyes:

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