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Otávio Banffy

4 things we can learn from translation agencies

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Today I'm sharing a post from Sherif Abuzid, on TOM, where he talks about some of the practices that translators can observe from translation agencies and replicate to their own benefit.

Without further ado, these four things are:

  • One: Having Systems in Place
  • Two: Customer Service
  • Three: Effective Project Management
  • Four: Consistent Promotion of Their Services

He expands on them.


One: Having Systems in Place

(...) As a freelance translator, you need to have a process of how to organize your work folders, at what dates of the month to work in your invoices, how to track unpaid invoices, at what dates to work at your marketing…etc.


Two: Customer Service

The customer needs to be taken care of at all the phases of the business; while doing the sale and after sales.

Many freelance translators do not like to receive feedbacks from their customers. They take it as a personal matter; as if the customer is insulting them.

Freelance translators need to follow up with their clients and know if they have any concerns about their work. You need to build a relationship with the project managers inside the translation agencies or the end client contact you work with.

Be there when they have a problem and need your expertise.


Three: How to Manage Translation Project Effectively

(...) Each freelance translator should have a spreadsheet or an application that logs all projects in progress with their deadlines. Also, a professional linguist knows how to prioritise these projects and how to sign them off.


Four: Consistent Promotion of Their Services

As a freelance translator, you do not need to do marketing as much as a translation agency does, but at least work on it to some extent.

Check out your near local events where you clients participate, try to be in front of your clients as much as you can and in your capacity as a solopreneur.

I like the idea of considering freelancers as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a mouthful, but it's one of my favorite words. In reality though, most translators do not treat themselves as a serious business. Which makes it harder for others to treat them like that as well.

These are simple lessons, and we covered them already in our various conversations, yet there's always room for one more little reminder. Sometimes we need to be reminded just enough times for it to break the barrier of inaction.

Would you add any lessons to that list?
What have you been consistently doing from this list already?

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Learning languages with the help of translaters is quite useful as for me. When i was learning english i used to read difficult books and translate very word, i was watching english serials also with deutsch subs. It helps me a lot. Now i'm working as a writer of english papers on https://pro-papers.com/au/ourServices and i feel myself confident ! everything is possible, guys! 

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