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Assigned job changed by someone else

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So I've just got a job and I was working on a bit and I logged off to get some other jobs done. Now I've came back and all of the translations are done and they look like they've been done by a two year old boy. Any advice?

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Hi, @roy!

Can you please specify some things? You were working in SmartCAT, right? Was it a project in your personal freelancer account, "corporate" account or a job sent to you by a client?

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@roy, I’ll be assuming that you are referring to a job received via Smartcat.

In that case, there is an option for the customer to add any number of freelancers who will be working in “crowd” mode: Everyone will be able to translate anything, and whoever confirms the segments gets the worm paid.

Although we recommend customers against using it, it’s pretty popular, especially for low-criticality projects (where you just have to translate a bunch of text for general understanding).

If you believe another translator’s work is substandard, you can use the chat to report this to the project manager. Chances are they will issue another job to you to edit that translation.

Important! Do not edit translations confirmed by others if you are in translation mode. The payment goes to whoever confirmed a segment first, so you won’t get anything for your best intentions.

Hope this helps!

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