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New article: Receiving payments from non-Smartcat clients

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Your Smartcat profile contains a nifty little feature called “payment link” (short video).

It allows you to get payments via Smartcat from anywhere in the world, even the client is not on Smartcat yet.

When a non-registered user clicks it, they are offered to sign up with Smartcat, and then they get to the window where they can enter the amount and pay to you right away.

This is handy in itself, but an additional point here is that the link is already tied to the referral program.

So whoever joins Smartcat using your payment link will be treated as your invitee, with all the benefits that follow.


Pro tip: Use https://goo.gl/ to shorten your link.

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The link now already includes your referral tags!
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Great news! Now you don’t have to mingle your payment link and referral tags — the latter are already included in the former. So you can just copy and paste this link, share it with a client that you want to get a payment from, and they will be treated as your invitee (unless they are already on Smartcat, of course)!

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