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Maryam Nuruzada

Working in rare language pairs

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Hi, everyone! It has been around over 1 year that I work with Smartcat and during that time I have got hired for some projects. But it seems that the language pairs which I offer are not required so. I am just wondering about which most demanded languages are in Smartcat. As well as I have shown the price as 0.04 USD per word. It is ok in my country for my experience. But I am not sure how it is acceptable in worldwide. My purpose is just to define the reasons why I cannot expand my works. I will be very grateful to you for your future answers. Thank you in advance!

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Great question, Maryam!

I hope other translator who work with rare language pairs will chime in, as I don’t, but my general advice would be:

Master a language that is close to yours linguistically but more in-demand. As you translate to Azerbaijani, this can be Turkish. Turkish is in high demand generally, and we’ve been storming the country’s market recently.

Bringing some of your existing clients to Smartcat. Once they work with the platform and understand its benefits, they are more likely to come back both to the platform and to yourself. 

Build your name. The upside of working in a rare language pair is that good specialists are even fewer than they are for, for instance, English to Spanish. So if you have a solid profile, are well-visible on the Internet, and have good references, they are more likely to come to you.

Of course, this applies to any freelancer, but the effect will be multifold for rare pairs. Imagine that someone googles for "English to Spanish translator". There will be thousands of results, and getting to the top of the list will be a hell of a task. For "English to Azeri translator", it will be times easier.

To your other questions:

  • The most in-demand target languages are pretty the same as anywhere in the market (in no specific order): Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Russian, German, Arabic, French.
  • $0.04/word is slightly less than the marketplace-median of $0.05/word, so you’re good here. Of course, once you build your name you will be able to charge times more than this, but it takes time :) 

Hope this helps!

Once again, I would love to hear from other guys working in rare language pairs

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 Although you have classified Arabic among " the most in demand " but after more than a year with Smartcat even offering USD0.035/word I failed to get a single job...........my local clients (translating offices ) are highly appreciating and honoring  my skills particularly after i started using CAT tools ( Smartcat)

I bothered Vova and other support team members to check my profile and advise me on how to make myself acceptable but may be that is beyond their scope

if i fail to get projects till the end of 2017 i have to quit

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