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For LSPs

SDL’s ex-EVP launches a new LSP and chooses Smartcat

For those who didn’t know, SDL are the guys who make Trados. So when their ex-EVP chooses a Cloud solution, despite SDL’s ongoing propaganda against Cloud solutions, this does tell something.

Share this article if your invitee hesitates because “but it’s Cloud” and “hey, everyone does it in Trados”.

Here’s a quote, underlining what we already know about why Smartcat is the best choice:


Delanty quips that when he “left SDL, one of the things I set out for myself to do is to really try to de-SDL how I look at translation.” He says his research focused on tools that are cloud-based and proven at scale. “That really narrowed it down to a few options. We looked at Smartcat, MateCAT, and Wordbee,” Delanty explains.

Eventually, Into23 put its eggs into Smartcat’s basket, choosing the platform as both its “core technology” and its translation productivity tool (aka CAT tool). Among other things, Delanty says he “felt [Smartcat] was the easiest one to get up and running.”

While opting for an all-in-one solution might get you off the ground quickly, it also means a new LSP entrusts a big part of critical infrastructure to a third-party.

Delanty is unconcerned. “I see Smartcat as a lot more than just a TMS. It’s more of an ecosystem. So, it’s quite an open platform, where if you have your own preferred CAT tool, your own preferred machine translation solution, and your own preferred TMS environment.”

Delanty also praised Smartcat’s marketplace and payment functionality. He says that making small payments to linguists in multiple countries each month is a “major headache for an LSP starting out,” pointing out that Smartcat “solved that problem.”


For end customers

Weebly case study

Weebly is a platform that lets people create beautiful websites without any programming skills. They went global with the help of Smartcat. Their quote underlines the following strengths:

  • Tight support,
  • Marketplace, of course, and
  • API for localization automation.

Share this article with clients who might want to have their website localized to more languages than it is now.

Here’s the quote:



“At each step of the process, we received full support from the Smartcat team, and when any questions or unexpected tasks occurred, their team was ready to respond instantly to solve problems or simply share their expertise.

Smartcat allowed us to translate the Weebly website into 13 languages in a very short time frame and to a high standard.

Through Smartcat’s solution, we were able to efficiently manage the entire localization process, from sourcing translators and assigning tasks to transferring content and integrating automation into the project.”

Nicolás Olucha Sánchez, Localization Manager at Weebly


For freelancers:

You tell us! No, really. We could write tons of articles about why using Smartcat is beneficial for freelancers. But no one will be able to explain this better than yourself. And we’d love to hear, too! :) 

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