In here, we'll be posting translation and localization resources that may be of help for the LocJAM4 Competition. Share what you will, and I'll attach everything to the main post. For general discussion, go to this topic: For help, go to this thread: ------------------ Localization Insights ------------------ LocJAM Japan Winners (Extremely Important!) - LocJAM4 Kyoto Study Group Presentation - LocJAM3 Winners - LocJAM 2 Winners - Past LocJAM Studies (Portuguese, but could be useful to any language) - LocJAM2 Post-mortem analysis - LocJAM3 Case Study - Video Game Localization Webinar - 10 Main Challenges of Video Game Localization Article - IGDA Localization SIG Facebook Group - Sheila Gome's (Study Group Organizer) page on LocJAM (Plenty of interesting articles) - Searching the Soul of Games to Translate them Better Article - Postmortem Analysis of Papers, Please - ------------------ Translation ------------------ Urban Dictionary: (Plenty of foul language, but very useful for clarification of idioms) ------------------ Inspiration for Character's Localization ------------------ -- The Master (Narrator) Yoda, from Star Wars The Wizard, from The Wizard of Oz The Master, from Dungeons & Dragons Gandalf the White, from The Lord of the Rings - @Renan Felipe dos Santos -- The Brave Megaman ------------------ Documents ------------------ A personal style guide I was using to organize myself - LocJAM4 Style Guide for smartcat.xlsx (Updated with more thorough QA steps) A comparison of the original, the amateur and pro versions of LocJAM Japan, and the one in LocJAM4 - IkinariMaou.xlsx - @Anthony Teixeira