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How do I become a SmartCAT Friend?

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On 29/08/2016 at 3:03 AM, Vova said:

The steps are pretty simple:

  1. You sign up: https://smtc.at/become-our-friend
  2. We send you a confirmation email with further instructions
  3. The email also includes your Friend's URL
  4. You start sharing your Friend's URL on the web

See also: 



The link to the affiliate friends page does not work.

The links don´t work. The short URL is invalid and takes me to an error page. The captcha in the blog signup page is also not working. Luckily I managed to sign up anyway.

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I believe this is an old feature that is no longer available. I'm not sure what it was about either.

But if you are looking for affiliate links, we have the Smartcat Wave to work with.

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