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Found 2 results

  1. From the original article: Text Adventures: The Story of Visual Novels in America This is another niche topic, but that I figured would bring the right perspective that some people might be needing. The article is a big one, and it's an interesting read all the way through, particularly if you care about how people think of good scripts, text, and, well, reading. I'll have to cut it into the most relevant parts, but of course, jump to the original article to get the full experience. Brief interruption here for a moment: I've felt that considerably when working with localizations. I don't always agree with the way expert companies handle it, but I've noticed a strong inclination towards rewriting than anything else. Ok, I had a few different intentions with this sharing. I believe it opens up our eyes a bit to different work opportunities, besides being an interesting subject. Particularly, I pinpointed a few things: There is, and has always been, a growing market for visual novels, which are mostly composed of text, and good text at that. Writing skills come up as being the most important considerations when working with localizations, and not just of games. There is a difficulty in finding people who are willing to localize these materials. That means work opportunity for you. Visual novels are akin to literature. If you are into literature and would like to get into the world of gaming, too, this is an opportunity for you. And vice versa. There are alternative ways of being funded, besides being hired by a client. Kickstarter campaigns might be used, too. Just a thought. Do check the full article and tell us what you think!
  2. Hello, I am Liliana

    Hello, I am glad to be here to share experiences and tips on everything related to translation and its enviroment