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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, I've spent years trying to find a decent place to keep my translator's portfolio. Could anyone share where do you keep yours? I'm looking for something a little more sophisticated than Word or pdf. Ideally, I'd be able to have both texts on the same page without a need to scroll, maybe even have 'original text-click-translated text' system. All suggestions are welcome
  2. My Website

    Hey everybody, So, I have recently finished creating a website for my "business" and I wanted to share it with you guys to see what you think. It's a long way from looking anywhere close to professional but you know, any ideas or criticism is very helpful looking forward. The address is https://www.translationstospanish.com Anyway, thanks a lot for your time and have an amazing day.
  3. Multi-faceted Websites

    Continuing the conversation in this topic: As for a two-face website, or any number of faces, it's a simple concept, really. Say you work with Game Translations and with the Automation industry. You could create two "tabs" in your website, which the client can easily choose from as soon as he enters your landing page. After choosing his interest, the website slides to whichever side was chosen, the light fades in and out, a background image is revealed and all the relevant information you want to share on that area of expertise pops in. You can (and should) create separate themes for them, each with unique fonts and color palettes that best represent the field. In game translations, I chose a mix of orange and gold, for feel and personal reasons, and I'd choose a metallic and futuristic theme for translations in the automation field. For background images you could have a screenshot from a hypothetical scenario, an ideal picture of the first thing coming to mind whenever you think "game" or "automation. For gaming, it varies a lot on the genre and universe, but for automation, you could have a futuristic factory with glass-like polishing and 9-axis robots, producing a neat-looking exoskeleton suit. Add an instrumental music in the back. Have you heard Beowulf's theme? Something with those beats could fit nicely to the automation field, and anything epic-ish would work great on the gaming field. I believe that pumping music would be more adequate no matter the topic, considering you want to get your clients excited and ready to hire you in a moment's notice. Except if you are specializing in Yoga, you may want to revisit that thought... In the website's borders you can create a 3D-looking interface, which alters and slides as the user progresses through your content. The possibilities are endless, and there are many ways to do it. Sure, that's the peak of website design that I'm talking about. You don't need to go nowhere near that. But if I were to make an agency, I'd want THAT to be my goal for an website. For your personal purposes, you can start small and build up the heat as you learn more about the subject and cement a persona.