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Found 17 results

  1. until
    This Thursday, we’ll be talking about the top strategies to get hired by translation agencies in 2018. Our guest is @Sherif Abuzid, the author of the “5 ways to contact new translation clients” article that has gone viral among translators. In the webinar, Sherif will go into more detail on each of the suggested strategies: Email Phone calls Social networks Translation job platforms Translation company website forms And we will also share a few words on boosting your Smartcat profile to get translation agency clients on the platform as well. Check in on Thursday at 1 pm UTC to get tips that will help you grow your client base and revenues in 2018! Sign up to join the webinar. Connection details will be shared on the day of the event. Click “Join the Event” to get notified: Also on Crowdcast
  2. until
    Are you a newbie freelance translator? Then you must have tons of questions! This Thursday, we will host a live Q&A webinar with @Una D. aimed at translators who are just starting out in the freelancing world. We want to hear about the issues and challenges you’re facing, be it related to your client outreach, time management, mental well-being or anything else, in order to provide our two cents and hopefully help you as you launch your career. We’ ll also be talking about Una’s new online platform, The Translator’s Aunt, where she will be providing further guidance and support for budding translators. Make sure to come along with all your questions — however pertinent, silly or bizarre they may seem — in the comments below. Sign up to watch the webinar on this page. Also on Crowdcast.
  3. until
    If you have a website (or planning to create one) for your personal translation business but don’t know how to attract visitors and convert them into customers, this webinar is for you. Join us with @Simon Akhrameev to learn how to apply a content marketing strategy to your translation business through a simple three-step process: Content creation, Content publishing, Content distribution. The webinar will cover the process from developing a content plan for each type of prospects (cold/hot leads) based on the customer persona, to sharing content via certain distribution channels (social media, forums, and other platforms). After the webinar, you will be able to create in-demand, targeted content that will bring value to your potential customers and attract new clients through organic searches (Google, Bing, etc.) and social media. Sign up to watch the webinar on this page. Make sure to follow the event in order not to miss it! Also on Crowdcast
  4. As you know, we are giving webinars almost every week. We also have quite a few step-by-step instructions written down, and even some video tutorials. This got us thinking: What type of content do you guys actually prefer? Are you of the reading type or do you prefer watching short videos? Or maybe detailed one-hour webinars work the best for you? Vote on the poll above, and make sure to comment on your choice. We want to make learning the ropes of translation and translation technology easier for you! P.S. Thanks to @Faustina for the idea to post this survey!
  5. Collaborative translation in Smartcat

    We’ll talk about managing collaborative translation projects in Smartcat: working with your existing team, hiring additional freelancers, and paying for jobs done on and outside Smartcat. This Thursday, we’ll talk about managing collaborative translation projects in Smartcat. In particular, we’ll discuss how to: Collaborate with your existing team, Hire additional freelancers from the marketplace, and Pay anyone for jobs done on and outside Smartcat. The webinar will be especially helpful for translation executives and project managers. But if you are a freelancer, the webinar will allow you to offer a much-wanted service to your clients. The session will take around one hour, and registered participants will be able to access its recording afterwards. Sign up to watch the webinar on this page. Make sure to follow the event in order not to miss it! Best viewed on Crowdcast.
  6. until
    Have you ever thought of sharing your knowledge with less experienced colleagues? Then join our Q&A session with CCA-nominated translation mentor @Tanya Quintieri. Topics we will discuss include: Why mentor at all? What’s in it for mentors? How to approach potential mentees? Or should you wait for them to approach you? What should a mentor not do? You can watch the webinar on Crowdcast or right here:
  7. We had our first Crowdcast webinar half a year ago, so I thought to recap the first “season” and see what we had in store for you during these six month. First, there was @Una D.’s series called “Fully booked in 6 months.” Una delved into subjects essential for any beginning translator. Step by step, we talked about: Setting goals, Starting out, Setting rates, Managing time, Working with agencies, Pursuing direct clients, and Presenting yourself to customers. Then, we had guest-starred webinars on specific subject areas and business topics: Inbound marketing with @Tess Whitty, Grasping transcreation with @Tanya Quintieri, Social media for translators with @RussianTranslatorPro, From freelancers to entrepreneurs with @Cherie Plaice, and Video game localization with @Anthony Teixeira and @Igor Kozlov. Finally, we talked about how you can use Smartcat: For freelancing, To start your agency, and To build lasting client relationships. What about you guys? Which ones did you like the most? What would you like to discuss in the next season?
  8. So, we’re almost 3 months into this academy thingie, and we would love to know how you are enjoying it so far. More importantly, what kind of webinars do you want to see in the future? Ones about smartCAT, about the translation profession itself, about running a translation business — or maybe something totally different? Please do speak up here!
  9. Smart ways to best rates

    During yesterday's webinar, one of the joining guys asked an interesting question: isn't this all about money? Now, I realise of course that it's not... oh, wait, but it is! We are all trying to make some money, and SmartCAT is one of the smart ways to do it. The question is then, what is the best rate charged for a word (page) of translation, and how can one be smart about setting it? How often does it need to be revised and/or adjusted? I am sure this will be a very interesting conversation. Food for thought... DS
  10. So, what do you think of our yesterday's webinar with @Tanya R. Quintieri? Did we manage to reveal the subject? Did we miss some important questions? How can we improve future sessions? Let's continue the discussion here!
  11. Hey guys, thanks to everyone who came to yesterday's webinar on game localization! (If you didn't, you can watch it in replay at the same link.) So, what do you think? Did you enjoy the new two-host format? Did you like Anthony's and Igor's presentations? What could we improve in our next sessions? Do let us know!
  12. So, we are giving a webinar on time management in 1.5 hours (you can also watch the replay here afterwards). I'll upload Una's presentation here once she's finished, but I was going to ask: What are your own time management tips and tricks? Let's share them here!
  13. I'm glad to let you know that we've scheduled our first five SmartCAT Academy webinars — check them out now at smtc.at/webinars! What other webinars would you like to see on SA? Let us know!
  14. We had a webinar with @Cherie Plaice on running one's own agency. (In case you missed it, you can watch it in replay here.) If you've watched it, what do you think? Did you enjoy the "interview-style" approach, or would you prefer having further webinars in a more traditional format in our further events? Do you have any other suggestions/comments? Let us know how we can improve!
  15. Hey guys, in case you missed yesterday's webinar, you can watch its replay here. If you were there, let us know what you thought of it! What topics were most interesting? Which ones should we add in further webinars? How can we improve? Your opinions will define the way the course will be shaped — so please don't stay away from participating in the discussion!
  16. That was awesome — thank you all for coming and being so actively engaged in the conversation! In case you missed, the webinar's replay is available here! Now, a few very important questions: Did you enjoy the webinar? What could be improved? What topics were not covered sufficiently? Make sure to comment to let us improve our next runs with Simon (which will surely come)!
  17. We will be talking with Simon Akhrameev (@RussianTranslatorPro) and plan to cover the most basic topics that should get you started as a SMM-active freelancer! Sign up, join, or watch in replay (in case you missed it) here → smtc.at/sm-webinar!