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Found 8 results

  1. Thank you everyone who checked out the webinar! I could have gone on and on about game localization and the considering culture. Let me know if you have any questions! I'm sure myself and others would be happy to answer them. Here are the sildes, there are also 2 slides you didn't see which have a list of other useful resources and further reading if you're interested: Slides: Cultural aspects of video game localization.pdf Webinar: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/game-localization-cultural-aspects
  2. The Many Facets of Localization

    In addition to translation, localization involves various professions that might be of interest for freelance translators. In this webinar, we talk about the different sides of the localization industry with Sarita Desai. Sarita will tell us about her experience of working in different roles in the localization process. There will be also an extensive Q&A session to help you find your place in this exciting and challenging field. The webinar is expected to take anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes. Sign up to watch the webinar. Connection details will be shared a bit later — click “Join the Event” to stay tuned! Also on Crowdcast
  3. until
    In this webinar, we’ll discuss the basics of computer-aided translation in Smartcat. Even if you have no experience with computer-aided translation, you’ll learn enough to use Smartcat as well as CAT tools in general. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the basics of computer-aided translation in Smartcat. You will learn how Smartcat’s CAT editor helps you: Focus on your work and track its progress, Avoid translating repeated and similar phrases, Maintain and reuse client-specific terminology, Use machine translation for simple sentences, and Troubleshoot errors and typos in your translation. Even if you have no experience with computer-aided translation at all, you will learn enough to use Smartcat as well as CAT tools in general. The session will take around an hour and include a live demonstration of the CAT editor and answers to your questions. A video recording will be provided to all registrants. Best watched on Crowdcast (includes chat, polls and Q&A) But you can also use YouTube or just view it below:
  4. In the wake of our next webinar with @Una D.: When was the last time you initiated a real-life talk with a potential client? What bothers you most about presenting yourself? What tips would you give? Let’s talk! P.S. Una’s other webinars here.
  5. until
    Every time you express yourself in person, over the phone or by email, you’re projecting something about yourself and your business. So what can you do to come across as more professional when you’re just starting out and working with a limited budget? In this last webinar of the series, we want to talk about presentation. We’ll start with networking events, which send fear into the hearts of many shy and solitary translators, and we’ll look at how you can approach them to make the experience a bit more enjoyable and useful. We’ll also talk about structuring your 10‐second presentation to direct clients, whether in person or over the phone. And finally we’ll look at what a good translator’s CV and presentation letter should look like when you’re approaching agencies. Hopefully you’ll leave feeling more confident about presenting your translation business to potential clients, whichever method you decide to use! Join the webinar on Crowdcast
  6. So, we had this webinar with @Una D. on Thursday, but it never hurts to continue the discussion, right? So, what tips for chasing direct clients do you guys have? What was the most successful/unusual/weird way you landed a job from a new client? Any advice you would give to budding translators? Let's brainstorm! By the way, you can also Watch the webinar in replay P.S. You can check out Una’s other webinars here: unadtranslation.com/coaching/ Spanish to English: Peter, lucy, lwennerstrom. Russian to English: Frank Nielsen. English to Arabic: KhalidJarrar, Mohamed, Madeha Ghagary, Tariq Ghali, halloubi and Mohammad M. Abdul-Gawwad. English to Chinese: yujie, multjiang and Shepherd Zhang. English to French: Mike CM, Ouattara, dta_m, arnotti_arnotti, Sébastien HUET, Vanessa and Patient Xavier Nong. English to German: Inez and Philipp Wacha. English to Indonesian: reza_daffi, Mardiyanto Saahi, Suryo Waskito and hurroc. English to Italian: Michele Ottone, chrilu06, Raddy, Giuseppe S., Cristina Calin, Englandsrose612, Michele and Faustina. English to Portuguese: Andreia P, Sergioeb, Teresa Lopes, Marcelo, Nelson, Nuno Marques, Gui009, Otávio Banffy, Sergio, David Veríssimo, Joana (Taborda) Amores and xcstz. English to Russian: Natalia T, Olga, MaxB, Girl, Vladimir, Maksim, Maxim Rahr, Elena, Jeremy85, didimblog, Victor S, Lora13132007, Roman69, Cath, Alexander, Nadezhda, Wordslinger, Anastasia Akopova, Igor Kozlov, Timur, Aleksandra, Kosoturova, Nailia Hasanova, Ivan Pilov, Dashad, Yulia Kiryukova, Sam, Mariya T, sigizmund86, xabk, Michael Orlov, Sergey Marochkanych, Vadim Frolenko, Nick, Wenraen, Irina and Veronika Demichelis. English to Spanish: Roxana Rivera, Karina Illescas, f.paredes, Paz Sepúlveda, Asun Henares, Óscar Rodicio Ramos, Rualina Manzano, Tatu, nuku, Óscar Meza, Ines J. Rotaeche, Vilma, Laura Snijder, Jimena Ysaia, Absalon Guzman Mesa, Virginia Monti and Becky Pearse Romera. English to Turkish: okanist, Can, Gunalp Uzun and Nilufer. English to Vietnamese: Jan and minhthu310189.
  7. Hey guys! To make up for the currently scarce textual content for Smart Agents, I decided to give an in-detail webinar on the first steps of nurturing your client relationships with the help of Smártcat already tomorrow. We will cover the following topics: Grasping the benefits of being a Smart Agent, Presenting Smártcat to your clients, Running your client’s first Smártcat project. Here’s the link to join: Smart Agents — Unit 1: First steps See you all there! (And yes, a video recording will be available at the same link afterwards.)
  8. What do you think about the webinar on running an agency on SmartCAT I gave last Thursday? All feedback is greatly appreciated, as I plan to repeat webinars on this topic quite often in the future.