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Found 1 result

  1. Freelancers are entrepreneurs. Our work hours are our trade, and our trade is our life. That said, more hours spent on work are not necessarily more profitable. If not directly, then indirectly. Today's post is focused on that. Entitled "3 Reasons Why Taking a Vacation Beats Being a Workaholic Martyr", this article on Entrepreneur by Ryan Peck has its title summarizing it up. Being an entrepreneur on multiple levels, besides a freelancer, I know this to be true. I felt it multiple times. The best ideas come when you're not focused on having them at all. Solutions for complicated phrases and punchlines show up when you least expect them. Resting, not necessarily on vacations, is good for boot starting the creative portion of your mind, because it lets your unconscious side do the work for you. If there is anyone who can identify with burn-outs, it's freelancers, and translators especially at that. Besides helping you avoid health problems, resting will give your body time to rebuild what it lost and grow stronger for the activities you perform. That's how callouses are formed, and the rest of your body works in the same way, even if you don't feel it at first. Again, as a freelancer, you are your own business. If one thing is missing, the overall quality will suffer. If you feel stressed, lacking affection, fun, or anything else really, it will change how you perceive your work. For a healthier work life, you need to have a healthier life, first. And this works for everyone, not just business owners. As the author's last message: I realize that denying work so you have more time for yourself can feel like a tremendous work relationship loss, but in the end, making your own rules for your own business will help you feel more in control, and also allow you to find the situations that fit you best, instead of coercing yourself (or being coerced by others) to accept whatever is thrown at you.