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Found 1 result

  1. User Script for Better QA Usability

    Hello everyone. I've been using Smartcat for a year already and got to know some of its pros and contras. One of the features I'm not quite happy about is QA: the default interface is hard to use during the whole day when you are working with dozens and hundreds of pages. While the interface cannot be customized via settings, it can be improved by using user scripts. Before: After (image scaled, text size is the same as in the image above): The script uses the current browser window size to change the QA window size dynamically. I'm not a programmer so the changes are limited to increasing the window size and dimming/hiding some unnecessary text strings. How to: 1. Install TamperMonkey extension to your browser. From Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo For Firefox and other supported browsers: https://tampermonkey.net/ 2. After installation, there will be the extension icon on the browser’s toolbar: 3. Left-click the extension button –> Create a new script… Delete all text in the script editor window; copy the required script text (I've added it below) and paste it in the script editor window, then save it (click the floppy disk icon). 4. Reload the browser tab where you are viewing your projects. If everything was done correctly, on the extension icon there will be a red square with the number of scripts running on the current page (1 by default): The script: // ==UserScript== // @name Enlarge QA window in SmartCAT // @namespace http://tampermonkey.net/ // @version 0.2 // @description Larger QA window in SmartCAT project error search, autoenlarge error frame // @author Alexey Kushnirov // @match https://smartcat.ai/Workspac* // @match https://smartcat.ai/workspac* // @match https://smartcat.ai/Project* // @match https://smartcat.ai/project* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; function addGlobalStyle(css) { var head, style; head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; if (!head) { return; } style = document.createElement('style'); style.type = 'text/css'; style.innerHTML = css; head.appendChild(style); } addGlobalStyle('.x-segment-tinymce-editor{min-height:50px}'); addGlobalStyle('.l-qa-check-report-scroll { overflow-y: scroll; max-height: 70vh; width: 100%;}'); addGlobalStyle('.l-qa-check-report-popup {width: 90%;}'); addGlobalStyle('.l-qa-check-segment-text-header {height:1px; COLOR: #EFEFEF}'); addGlobalStyle('.l-qa-check-documentTitle-column {COLOR: #EFEFEF}'); })(); Known issues: If you open the QA window and Smartcat shows a notification at the same time, the QA window may look distorted. Just close it by pressing Escape, close the notification and open QA again.