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Found 1 result

  1. A View Upon Translatorship

    Translation is sometimes regarded as a piece of cake and ruled the translatorship out a profession accordingly. According to that superficial understanding, translation is practically turning the words from one language into another one. From an external perspective we can not criticise that sort of point of view. Because someone out of a specific profession could make judgements on it without hesitation, on purpose or unintentionally. Therefore all of us, the players in the process of translation, should clarify with patience what the translation is. Then what should be done or stated except talking to each other(s) on this kind of platforms? Yes, translation is simply to change the words and sentences from one source language into another one. But what about the underlying meanings of them and the ideas, inspirations, views, feelings which author wants to convey. Yeah, at this point translator comes into play. Just because any computer aided tool is not able to do what a human brain can do when it comes to the subjective components of a text, such as feelings and inspirations. For this reason a translator is needed to import the subjective components of a text into the target language, and this might not be with a word to word translation. In fact transator could add his or her comments and maybe change all the sentence to give the same meaning what author means. This is really a hard job. When the translatorship is viewed from this aspect, it is a throughly profession. Therefore this crucial detail should be a starting point to express the importance of translatorship.