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Found 33 results

  1. One of my favorite models of Funny Fridays so far has been the subtitling edition. So many weird stuff about. I don't know how these people got to write these things, but they somehow were published just like they are. And we are here to examine them! For the visually impaired I'm starting to question this... Maybe they wrote it so Google's Voice can read it? Now, this is truly informative. Subtitles implying awkwardness. That's journalistic accuracy for you. She is Zooey Deschanel, for your information. That does not sound right. Making movies even funnier than they ever would have managed to be. Credits to BuzzFeed for putting them all together. More on another Friday! Cheers!
  2. Today's post is more of a curiosity than a hack. I found this post about and, considering we already had a superficial touch on how language changes the way we perceive things, it ringed on me. Maybe it will ring on you too! There is little sense in fragmenting this one up, so I'm posting it whole. The article above was written for Kotaku.com by Keza MacDonald and you can zero in on the discussion at the website if you want. Some terms mentioned are subject to language variants. The Portuguese references, for instance, are Brazilian only - Portugal has their own versions. What do you think? Do you believe the word construction affect how you perceive acts? This is a very interesting discussion for people in marketing, and for anyone questioning how we feel about things we don't really know.
  3. Some time ago we made our first Funny Friday based on "bad lip reading", and I figured it has been a while and we could have so more laughs with proper captioning. Without further ado, grab your popcorn and watch these fine gentleman of the NFL in action. Remember to activate the CAPTIONS. Hope you liked it! Have a great weekend!
  4. We've talked about filtering the noise around us, creating environments where we can focus, isolation, and even organization. Now, how does music blend together in all that? There are people who find it distracting, others have their mood soothed. Some do more work, others do less work. Today's article talks about exactly that and it comes down to one thing, mostly: Whether the music makes you feel better, or not. If you feel happy listening to the music, the improvement in your mood will help you act more creatively, and thus get more accomplished depending on your work. If the song or sound you are listening to is too provocative for you, then you will find it distracting and it will detract from your work. But that's a simple summarization. Check this out: And there is catch to all that: The article also makes an affiliative recommendation about an online app called Focus@Will , which is sort of streamlined music player. Just don't hold that definition on me, I'm saying this as I go and they must have their own definition. :P The heading in their main page says: "Scientifically optimized music to help you focus". So go with that. I checked them out and, frankly, I'd like to try it out. Maybe there alternatives out there, too? Let me know if you find any. For the full experience, read the article here and tell us what you think of it. Except you are probably your own boss around here.
  5. Your work environment represents a little bit of how your brain organizes things. A more organized environment benefits the feeling you get when thinking about your work. The same happens with your focus. When it comes to us freelancers, or people who work in the virtual world all day, it can be difficult to remain focused at all times on what they need to. So here are a few tips for you to be more organized and boost your productivity. This is useful if you know you get easily distracted by messages, notifications, etc. Not everyone is, but if you surround yourself with updates from various apps, you need to separate them from your work time. This was especially important for me. I always knew that, but sometimes I struggle a bit in keeping it up. As a freelancer, we are one-(wo)man armies. We are our marketing, our workforce, our payments agent, customer satisfaction specialist, everything, and depending on what you do you'll have more and more activities that pile up and blend together. It's important to try and keep them compartmentalised as much as possible, which takes us to the next tip. There might be applications that specific for doing this sort of thing. But any list will do. Physical might be better, on a paper note or a notebook. Could we make a working diary of daily activities for us? We can later on go back and see how much we accomplished each day. Neat idea! There is a concept called the Pomodoro Break - which we covered here at the forums before - that works on this principle. Check it out for more information. I work in high-intensity bursts. I get to do a lot of work in very little time, then rest for a bit (or a lot, depending on the previous intensity) before getting back to it. I get to do more than I would if working continuously, and a I beta lot of people would too. I used Toggl at first for tracking that, but now I work entirely on instincts. Maybe something like that will do for you? While a partner may come in many forms, chances are good that you'll be needing translators to help you out. Well, you should consider yourself lucky because Smartcat is the right place to find freelancers willing to help you. If you want to have people working as partners, helping each other out, you can start a topic right here at the forum and see who might be interested. Or, you can find translators on the Marketplace itself and hire them as mercenar... Ahem, fellow translators, for helping you out. Now you can safely accept those 2 billion words project without feeling guilty or overburdened. ^^ You can read the original article in which those tips showed up here.
  6. We're back with more amusing engrishial excerpts for your weekend! Make sure to show it to everyone else! Have you ever held PURE LIFE in your hands before? I bet you hadn't!! That's when you know you're living the addiction! The mini version of the big bar of ALMOND chocolate. Did you get that noted? Make sure you never go for the drinks. They even have a lovely and inviting illustration at the front. Marketing done right. The engrish caption reads: When I think about this Engrish in my own way, I need psychiatric help. Please don't smork, or you'll be invited to leave. It was never so easy to pick a home for your Woody. From Toy Story. Have a great weekend, everyone!
  7. Smartcat has a multitude of payment options. Considering its global nature, we need special and specific rules for each and every country. Not every option is always available, but we do our best to make it easy on your end. Thankfully, we were able to introduce yet another interesting option for payments - local bank transfers - in the following regions: Specific information for each region can be found in the Help Center - Payout Options. Local bank transfers are typically hassle-free and also involve fewer fees than your usual PayPal option. Here's an example of the information you need to get started with this method: You just need to gather that information (easier than with international wire transfers, I might add) and send it to payments@smartcat.ai and they'll get it sorted for you. An important note: by opting for Local Bank Transfers you won't be able to choose any other method for payments, you'll have to receive every payment in that bank account until you either change the bank itself or choose to delete that information and pick another option from the ones regularly available. Keep your heads up for future updates on this. For other countries, you also have your typical three main methods: PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, and International Wire Transfers. Find out more about it here. As mentioned, not every option is available to every country. You can learn more about the limitations here. Alternatively, you may also use a Smartcat Pre-paid Mastercard card. Smartcat Mastercard is a debit card you can use for making online and offline purchases or withdrawing cash from any ATM worldwide where the “MasterCard”, “Maestro” or “Cirrus” marks are displayed. Quite an interesting feature, might be the best alternative for you. Fee-free. Learn how to order yours here, if you are interested. How happy are you with this addition? : D
  8. The time has come for what I believe to be the funniest kind of Funny Fridays: subtitle horror. I wonder how they got to such values. These people have no other way of referencing old ladies? Who wouldn't want to name their child "phrase whore"? Those guys look like really unhappy prisoners. We should burn every green thing on Earth!! Gods. They could not have picked a worst time for that. That's why he's standing there, thinking about it. Mutated cats. That's the answer. That's how the galaxy is positioned. Sith at the west, Jedi at the east, scratching each other's back. They are looking after the rights of the people the firemen had to deal with. Thanks for joining us.
  9. Hey guys, it's that time of the week again. I'm back to our roots as we take a look at more interesting messages from the Engrish.com portal. Who else likes to sniff fruits here? It has come a time in technological development where you can get whatever feeling you want from tissue paper. Natural, trending or even traditional feelings. Recyclable paper: you can use it up to five new generations. Found on a paper cup in Japan. Become a superhero! It reads: ‘The earth consists of the the water of 130, 000, 000 cubic km. Then you and I live having 65% of water. We are living with the earth after all. Nomadic Inc.’ Take a look, take a look! Relive the relief, relief the refri, refill the refrigenous, relief the reflief. Lots, and lots, of paper. Green paper. Money paper. Much rich life. Hoxy. I'm not commenting on that. ^^ Filled with starch, just for you! See you soon! Have a great weekend.
  10. Without further ado, here's the continuation of that fun-inducing list from last week. Que? Famous painter goes troll Supernatural Yawn Faithful Captions When You Don't Speak Jive Netflix Subtitles Sure Can Be Specific Paying Homage I wonder who they target with those captions... The Sound of Nature You can paint this in your living room! As a continuation from the previous part: From Ranker, by Nathan Davidson. Remember to send me your suggestions!
  11. You know, subtitling and closed captions in general are a serious business. When people specialized on that fail the results can be a little bit disastrous. Disastrously comic. Supernatural Subtitles Rat-tat-at-tat "It's for real, yo!" While You Stare in English Pee Hee! Netflix Speaks the Truth Wet and Wild Mustache is the New Black Food For Thought Law & Order Theme Subtitled From Ranker, by Nathan Davidson. More next week!
  12. Funny Friday the 2nd

    Funny Friday the 2nd (of March) Momma always told me to not to beashamed when I had a ‘Pocket Wetty’. Taken from a bakery bag. Caption as follows: ‘Our little friend ‘Tomte’ use magical secret-power fro delicious BREAD that, Well enjoy in next morning. Children who living in NORTHERN EUROPE tell us secret that just baken BREAD. YES ……….TOMTE’s secret. HOKUO as. BREAD country SAPPORO is very similar with TOMTE’s land.’ (NOTE: Tomte is the name for Santa Claus in Sweden. I know this because countless Swedish people have written in to tell me. Others from Norway insist that Tomte is an elf or gnome. Finally, the Finnish insist that ‘Tomte’ is more like Santa’s little helper. Thanks guys.) Not to be utilized on the eyes. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to enjoy these wafers… The text really does end with “for…” ‘Post Water’ – bringing you to a new level of existence. Copyright, anyone? (Taken from a manila envelope package) All images from engrish.com. In italics are the original descriptions.
  13. I've got an awesome collection of interesting pictures to show you people today. They were all brought by Lonely Planet. A few of them are not quite about translations (well, it depends how you look at it), but are still quite funny. Text in italics came from the source. Oh great, now every restaurant owner has to advertise this in their place, lest they get left behind by the competition... Lunch in China….are you feeling lucky? Sweet! Really? At the lift??? This is my favorite one xD You're free to have your luggage taken for you! Forever! I guess that's for compensating the roasted husband from the other day. Don't worry, the smell does not influence the taste. Too much. Maybe we are talking about lion orphans? Hah, the wretched grass. So cute, yet so pathetic at the same time. Use their makeup to let the world know. That's right. Don't touch them, but also do not depend on them. Some restaurants gets you pregnant, others gets you herpes. That's hard leather for you. If you've heard of zumba you've certainly heard about the fish dance. Apparently you can smoke dogs in some countries! :O Like in the wooded land. Mistranslation there. I mean, you comb your hair, why not the rest of your beautiful body? Have a nice weekend, everyone!
  14. I've found this interesting website that is aptly named funtranslations.com, and I think it's easier to showcase it than to explain it. In the website you'll find numerous translation APIs for multiple... languages. Here's an example: Original Phrase: Bless me nimble and call me a parrot, for I have crossed the 9 seas and the narrow passage of Dunnvalley, fought the Whitney whale and slept under the cold touch of the night's sky! Star Wars Yoda Pirate Minions Game of Thrones Dothraki Lord of the Rings Tengwar Star Wars Jar-Jar Star Trek Vulcan Internet Hacker LOLcat Braille Yeah, besides just cute translations you can also perform some useful transformations, such as Sign Language, Braille, Morse code, Punch Card, and Paper Tape. I just can't attest to their accuracy. And to part it off... / Up with a headache and swollen tongue, \ \ I woke! The dark side I sense in you! / ---------------------------------------- \ \ ____ _.' : `._ .-.'`. ; .'`.-. __ / : ___ ; /___ ; __ ,'_ ""--.:__;".-.";: :".-.":__;.--"" _`, :' `.t""--.. '<@.`;_ ',@>` ..--""j.' `; `:-.._J '-.-'L__ `-- ' L_..-;' "-.__ ; .-" "-. : __.-" L ' /.------. ' J "-. "--" .-" __.l"-:_JL_;-";.__ .-j/'.; ;"""" / .'"-. .' /:`. "-.: .-" .'; `. .-" / ; "-. "-..-" .-" : "-. .+"-. : : "-.__.-" ;-._ ; `.; ; : : "+. ; : ; ; ; : ; : : ; : ; : ;: ; : : ; : ; : ; / :: ; ; : ; : ; : ;: : : ; : ; : : ; : ; ; : ; : ; ; ; ; : `."-; : ; : ; / ; ; -: ; : ; : .-" : : : ; : .-" : ;`. ; : ;.'_..-- / ; : "-. "-: ; :/." .' : : ;/ __ : .-`. /t-"" ":-+. : `. .-" `l __/ /`. : ; ; ; .-" .-"-.-" .' .'j / ;/ / .-" /. .'.' ;_:' ; :-""-.`./-.' / `.___.' `t ._ / "-.t-._:' Check out their website!
  15. On today's Funny Friday I'm giving you a collection of purposefully Engrish t-shirts and signs created to pay homage to the tropes. All images are representatives of actual products in the Engrish.com Store website. Their motto is aptly to "Have fun with", and not "make fun of", which I believe is quite adequately represented, and aligned with out Funny Fridays. You can click the images to check out the products themselves if you want to. In other news, I thought it would be of interest to note that the Chinese government has issued guidelines for signs in public places. Brought by: @Virginia Monti Have a nice weekend!
  16. Hey everyone, it's that time of the week again! Engrish.com has plenty more stories to show us, and I'm here to bring them for ya! Commentaries in italic come from Engrish.com itself. Reads: "The sentimental taste is cozy for the heroines in the town." Talk about a defined target demographic… Gum for people of all extremes… Have you heard about the Mother Flocker? A very funny pun from Flock. Gamer stuff, you know. For those who can take it in the jaw… That's how you know you are the jock of the turn! -- Ice Mints! Attention: Not to be served on commercial flights! Like in the Matrix. Filled with wholesome ingredients(chunk, chunk and more chunk). When I was small, I had a Little Pocky… Now I have a Men’s Pocky! ‘Nippless’ – for those most embarrasing moments(such as T-shirt time). Photo of inside package – basically band-aids for the bust. And here was you thinking that would make your hair look shiny. I had more laughs this time around.
  17. I've been wanting to cover online courses for some time now and I have some ideas held up in my sleeve, and today I'll bring a small mention that will be of interest to some of you. Online courses often make their money from people who pay for a certification, special access, tests, or further content. But a majority of them have a free access option that allows you to explore and absorb the general knowledge. That's the case with this one. There's this free online course on Future Learn called Working with Translation: Theory and Practice and it's basically a resume of what translation is all about. A lot of you are long-time translators already and have no need (or no interest) of such definitions, but some of you are just starting out and need some guidance, a proper understanding of the translation culture and industry, and want to know whether you really are a fit for this or not. The next session, as of the date of this post, is March 19 - 2018. Future Learn is an online courses platform such as Coursera and edX. They seem to have a nice variety of courses there. Maybe I'll talk about them in the future. Here are the topics the course is meant to cover: Definitions and metaphors of translation Varieties of translation, for example: phonetic, interlingual and cultural translation Translators in history The role of translators Professional ethics and codes of conduct Where translation takes place Writing a successful translation commission The nature of quality in translation So if you want to know what an online course is like, if you are starting out or if you want to decide whether or not you want to become a translator, this course might be for you. And if not, browse a bit their linguistic courses, they have some interesting ones popping up, such as Irish 101, Writing Better Emails, Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching, and Global Citizenship. And make sure to come back here and tell us what you thought of it after you take the course.
  18. I found this amazing interview with Alex O. Smith, a Japanese game translator who worked with various prestigious titles and for multiple big players. The interview touches upon very interesting subjects for localization, but also translations in general. It's worth listening to it no matter what. The interview starts out with his experience getting into the industry, how he landed his first jobs, his perspectives and how he became a translator in the first place. Through the conversation, they also talk about formal localization team roles, taking creative liberties as a translator - which is an amazingly important topic - what defines bad translations, how writing relates to translation (something that has been kicking up consistently, lately, such as in our most recent interview), formal education and training (another strong topic in our discussions), the influence that the translator has on the final work, "spiritually", and a strong wrap up. Here are some snippets: Check out this amazing interview: And read the article featuring it!
  19. In my eternal perusal for articles of interest in the internet for you people, I found this very interesting website with an extensive wall of funny "Engrish" examples found throughout the entire world. Just be careful not to see them all, for I'd like to bring you new ones from time to time. All images and commentaries come from Engrish.com. This is the "product" edition of Funny Friday's Engrish. Let me know if you'd like to know where and when those images were first found, according to Engrish.com Hey, look what comes in the Collon package! The best rot that nature has to offer. - That actually came from me, heh. If you can find a more comfortable notebook, then you have graduated from College. Booing gum – with the patented ‘super brain panic’ effect. ‘Sweet Sweetie’ – for those who can’t get off on just ‘Sweetie’ Can I offer you a creamy ball? Shock your mouth with Slash! Refreshment water from Mr. Pocari himself…
  20. I've recently found this amazing wiki website called TVTropes, and they have all sorts of great references (from medias other than television as well), and they have a nice collection of tropes from games. Their definition of trope, by the way: In a wiki page called "Good Bad Translations" they give us various examples of poor translations that had funny outcomes, often became memes, or strong references for the players and developers involved. Samurai Shodown - Apparently, the title was made like that on purpose to reference another title. Still, it looks bad. TVTropes has a vortex of inner links that will drag you further than YouTube's recommended videos. Quite a few interesting things to read!
  21. On the first Funny Friday of the year I'm bringing you something you probably would not expect in a few decades of translation news. When I was exploring how content creators decide what to do on their videos I had an idea: to take a few cutscenes from a movie, or a video game, or whatever, and subtitle it (or dub it) with something similar but entirely nonsensical. Then I recently came to know this amazing channel on YouTube which does exactly that. They are called Bad Lip Reading, and they are very creative. In homage to the new and terrible Star Wars movie, here's a sample: Do you know why Han never trusts birds? Yoda taught him.
  22. Hey everyone, it's time to share something fun again and I thought to have some laughs with our movie title translations here in Brazil! Here are a few famous movies that got awfully weird or disconnected (sometimes even contrary to the plot's development) title translations. And series, too. The Hangover Translation: Se Beber, Não Case! Back-translation: If you drink, don't marry! The Sound of Music Translation: A Noviça Rebelde Back-translation: The Rebel Novice Memento Translation: Amnésia Back-translation: Amnesia Nowhere Boy Translation: O Garoto de Liverpool Back-translation: The Boy From Liverpool Fear Dot Com Translation: Medo Ponto Com Br Back-translation: Fear Dot Com Br (I actually liked this one, rather xD) Lost in Translation Brazilian Translation: Encontros e Desencontros Back-translation: Matches and Mismatches Portuguese Translation: O Amor é um lugar estranho Back-translation: Love is a strange place The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Translation: Um Maluco No Pedaço Back-translation: A Crazy Fellow On The Hood Fullhouse Translation: Três É Demais Back-translation: Three Is Too Much 3rd Rock From The Sun Translation: Uma Família De Outro Mundo Back-translation: A Family From Another World Caroline in the City Translation: Tudo por um Gato Back-translation: Everything for a Cat Charmed Translation: Jovem Bruxas Back-translation: Young Witches Family Guy Translation: Uma Família da Pesada Back-translation: A Heavy Duty Family The Good Wife Translation: Pelo Direito de Recomeçar Back-translation: For The Right to Start Over Charlie's Angels Translation: As Panteras Back-translation: The Panthers Breaking Bad Translation: Breaking Bad - A Química do Mal Back-translation: Breaking Bad - The Chemistry of Evil That's it for today, guys! Was there any that stood out from the rest? Maybe something you agree with? Elaborate below!
  23. While our most important skill is undoubtedly our linguistic ones, our translation competency, there are numerous other considerations to be successful, especially as a freelancer. We may often neglect some of these competencies for no good reason. Maybe we don't want to put the effort on it, maybe we think we don't need it, maybe we've gotten used to rolling the way we have been so far. In most cases, it's important to make a self-assessment and realize where you're lacking. Nothing better than structured thinking in order to do that. I found a method by Christelle Maignan which she calls Business Priority Wheel. She then explains how it works step-by-step, and how you can use it efficiently to manage your own business. I'm certain that's useful to more than just freelancers, but especially so for us. You can download the clean wheel here. Read the instructions in her post, and get to working on yourself. What are your wheel categories? Leave us a comment!
  24. When I started out my career as a game localizer I looked for an agency to train me. My familiarity with games helped me immensely, but there was so much more depth to the game localization field (even if considering translations alone) than in other areas that I was thoroughly surprised. And glad, too, since that really meant there would always be something more to learn, and it would never get boring. One such special pieces from translations that most people never get to know is lyric translations. Rob T. worked on a song lyrics from Super Mario Odyssey and he shared some of the processes involved in crafting the translated version. Obviously, directly translating song lyrics leaves you with…well, something that won’t actually work as lyrics in the target language. But it’s clear that Suzuki-san and the team wanted something big and romantic. A love song of sorts. I listened to the song a few more times and set about creating a first draft of the English lyrics, taking the ideas from the above and fleshing them out so there would be enough syllables to match the rhythm and melody of the song. Rob continues by sharing some of the newer drafts (you can tell that plenty gets changed along the way), and even a demo recording of one of the versions made. People with keen attention and desire to do so will be able to compare the song rythim and momentum with the lyrics. Moreover, he talks about how a lyrics can change according to the sensation you want people to get from it (though that's to be expected, the importance of it can easily pass by unnoticed), and even more interestingly you'll notice how references can be inserted in the song without alienating those that are not a part of the group which understands them. So much work for a single song! He also goes on to talk about some of the history involved in the Mario universe. I don't know about you, but these things makes the game more powerful, in my opinion. Especially one where the background is so... hidden such as Mario's. I hope his account piked your interest. Or at least, your curiosity.
  25. Coming from the IGDA Localization SiG I got to an article by Loek van Kooten on his aptly named website, Loekalization, titled "why deep learning sucks". In it, Loek trains his own machine into being able to translate games by using an extensive English to Dutch corpora with the intent of understanding how much they can actually be of help (or hindrance) to the translation profession. It's an extensive post that accounts the prepping process he had to make to set up a proper learning station for his network, which he called Benji. Loek makes a very detailed (and funny) account of the whole installation and training process, together with his personal experience and if you are interested in getting to know how to run an OpenNMT, or what it looks like (or even, why shouldn't be spending time on it), his article is a great source on it. Though we have seen interesting results from DeepL, you now know what to expect from it in a new scale. Does that information ease your mind? Perhaps it just reinforces your beliefs. It's an interesting read all the same!