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Found 4 results

  1. We have talked about when you should be taking a break, but not specifically the time you should. This article brings some data on when could be a good time for you to regenerate yourself and continue the day with your hot translations streaks. From what is told here, I'd say that a "break" boils down to stop doing what you don't want to do... Or something that is strenuous for you, for whatever reason. So breaks can also be defined as doing something you want to do at the time. That's good. That's actually one of the principles of the Pomodoro technique, which we covered before. But it's applied to something else. Here, the most interesting part to me is the fact a break can be anything that you feel like doing. There is no hard set rule. I sometimes need to get through a particular work despite this efficient resting period. We all do. But as far as we understand the principles behind it, we can leverage what is more important for us each day, and manage our energy accordingly. Take a look at another article on this topic from Bustle. Coming up next, I'd like to find something for you people on physical exercises for those long hours working.
  2. As linguists we are often interested to see the latest technologies, the best tools available, the best techniques, 7 amazing features that will increase your client base by 3%... But there are way simpler practices that can already help you achieve a greater satisfaction and performance. I'm talking about resting. This guest post by Louise Taylor, from Tomedes, talks about the benefits of taking regular breaks and resting your mind. And I totally agree with it. I have proven myself over and over that recentering, regular breaks, and proper sleep have always improved my work. Combined with that, waking up earlier than everyone else works well too (fewer distractions, and a sense of... being ahead). If you want to take regular breaks, a 25 minutes of work/5 minutes of break works nicely. You can track that with an alarm clock, but there are apps specific for this. The one I know of is called Toggl. On those breaks, stretch yourself, look at the distance or close your eyes. This will also help you prevent physical issues such as arthritis and macular degeneration of the eye. Also, in the matter of sleep, I know an app called Sleep Cycle that wakes you up when you are not slumbering into a deep sleep. In other words, it wakes you up at the right time so you feel more energetic. Share your tips below, or just leave your comment on how productivity is linked to better sleep and focus to regular breaks!
  3. I read an article from Thoughts on Translation on Work/Life balance, written by @Corinne McKay. Though it used examples mostly from mommy freelancers, it raised an important topic for every freelancer, entrepreneur and goal-seeker. It made me think about how many times we cut off opportunities from our lives with that thinking pattern. That's not the case with everyone, but people in general tend to find ways, excuses really, for not pursuing their desires. Whether they want to become an astronaut or a fisherman, to train Judo or sculpting, to live somewhere else or quit a job that's killing you. It's perfectly fine and understandable to have responsibilities that require some degree of sacrifice, such as raising kids, building something, or working as a volunteer. However, limiting your potential reach by leaning on these responsibilities puts you down. It puts you down because you could very well be dedicating some time to pursuing those goals, and it would not only not draw you away from your responsibilities, it would also likely improve your mood, and consequently your satisfaction in life. Everyone has a goal in life. Everyone feels that goal at some point. Some choose not to listen to it, some do. Those that do and act on it thrive sooner. Those that don't will eventually realise they've been wasting their time and will have to pursue them later, rather than sooner. Whichever are your conditions, your desires, and your needs, you have to ask yourself: You can't, or you chose not to? If you cannot, you may find a way to change that in the future. If you chose not to, be safe with your choice and know that you can choose something else whenever you want to. Some of you may be at peace with your decisions, some of you may be stuck and wanting to get out. Know where you stand, and your life will be better for it. And what is it that you're holding back on doing in your life right now? I'd bet plenty of people here had to face a difficult decision in life at some point, possibly having to leave their safety and comfort in order to look for something greater, though initially daunting. I bet the move to freelancing has been such a decision for many of us. It was for me. Would you like to share your own insights on mindset shifts? Everyone can learn from you, too, if you want to.
  4. So, we are giving a webinar on time management in 1.5 hours (you can also watch the replay here afterwards). I'll upload Una's presentation here once she's finished, but I was going to ask: What are your own time management tips and tricks? Let's share them here!