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Found 6 results

  1. No need for an introduction! Let's get down right to business! Honey Roast Duck with Green Beans served with Facking Bitch Mets performing their ovulation - See the crouching guy over there? That's the one. Unflattering identifications That's precisely what it said Does anyone know what she's talking about? The famous owl, Head Week Did you get that straight? Yeah. Beware the BLAH! And before we go, remember: There is no more anger. There is only Funny Friday. (Brought to you by Luke Lewis on BuzzFeed)
  2. One of my favorite models of Funny Fridays so far has been the subtitling edition. So many weird stuff about. I don't know how these people got to write these things, but they somehow were published just like they are. And we are here to examine them! For the visually impaired I'm starting to question this... Maybe they wrote it so Google's Voice can read it? Now, this is truly informative. Subtitles implying awkwardness. That's journalistic accuracy for you. She is Zooey Deschanel, for your information. That does not sound right. Making movies even funnier than they ever would have managed to be. Credits to BuzzFeed for putting them all together. More on another Friday! Cheers!
  3. Some time ago we made our first Funny Friday based on "bad lip reading", and I figured it has been a while and we could have so more laughs with proper captioning. Without further ado, grab your popcorn and watch these fine gentleman of the NFL in action. Remember to activate the CAPTIONS. Hope you liked it! Have a great weekend!
  4. The time has come for what I believe to be the funniest kind of Funny Fridays: subtitle horror. I wonder how they got to such values. These people have no other way of referencing old ladies? Who wouldn't want to name their child "phrase whore"? Those guys look like really unhappy prisoners. We should burn every green thing on Earth!! Gods. They could not have picked a worst time for that. That's why he's standing there, thinking about it. Mutated cats. That's the answer. That's how the galaxy is positioned. Sith at the west, Jedi at the east, scratching each other's back. They are looking after the rights of the people the firemen had to deal with. Thanks for joining us.
  5. Without further ado, here's the continuation of that fun-inducing list from last week. Que? Famous painter goes troll Supernatural Yawn Faithful Captions When You Don't Speak Jive Netflix Subtitles Sure Can Be Specific Paying Homage I wonder who they target with those captions... The Sound of Nature You can paint this in your living room! As a continuation from the previous part: From Ranker, by Nathan Davidson. Remember to send me your suggestions!
  6. You know, subtitling and closed captions in general are a serious business. When people specialized on that fail the results can be a little bit disastrous. Disastrously comic. Supernatural Subtitles Rat-tat-at-tat "It's for real, yo!" While You Stare in English Pee Hee! Netflix Speaks the Truth Wet and Wild Mustache is the New Black Food For Thought Law & Order Theme Subtitled From Ranker, by Nathan Davidson. More next week!