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Found 8 results

  1. When opening SmartCAT front page, I see a pop-up like this one: What does it mean?
  2. SmartCAT Friends is a program that is meant to turn SmartCAT's most happy users into brand advocates and let them grow in the process. As a very high-level description, it works as follows: You sign up with the program here and receive your “Friend’s URL” along with further instructions(see also: How do I become a SmartCAT Friend?). You invite others to join SmartCAT using your Friend’s URL (see also: How do I invite people to join SmartCAT under SmartCAT Friends?). Your invitees become active users by translating a certain volume within a certain time frame (see also: What are the activation criteria for invitees under SmartCAT Friends?). You receive $5 to $50 on your bonus account for each activated user, and they do, too (see also: How much money do I receive for inviting a new user under SmartCAT Friends?). You can spend the bonus money on SmartCAT to (see also How can I spend the bonus money under SmartCAT Friends?): Purchase paid services at current prices. Get up to a 5% premium on the orders you execute via SmartCAT Marketplace. Share them with any other user at your discretion. Place orders on the SmartCAT marketplace. A more complete description of the program and what made us start it can be found in our blog. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them on this forum.
  3. How can I spend the bonus money under SmartCAT Friends?
  4. How much money do I receive for inviting a new user under SmartCAT Friends?
  5. Are there any specific actions required besides just telling someone to join SmartCAT?
  6. What are the exact steps I need to follow?
  7. Share your brilliant suggestions and ideas here!