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Found 7 results

  1. when will be the next senior blitz competition ? is it annual or monthly ?
  2. And our new Senior Translators are... CristianC, Sil Jurado, Sergei Astrashevsky, xahntra, ilghiz, David, Gil, Polina M, Marisa, luciaayala23 Flor Barrios, Patty Melo, Kasia, AaronCampos, Lukas Evans Santos, Nathalie Zavadsky, Andreína Trujillo, Roman, Bruna, Derpinard, R***de, monahabiel, Anastasia, Svetli, JuliaT, Noviana Indah, Chiara Balboni, Vladimir Beliakov, severine73uk, and horacio1010! Congratulation, guys, you did it!!! We’ll improve your search rankings over the next couple of weeks. And introduce you to the other perks in the meantime For those who did not get the Oscar: find your results and feedback here: Senior Blitz! — Final Report A note on statuses: Approved: You almost did it — your search ranking will be considerably improved. Confirmed: Your search ranking will be slightly improved but in general your results were satisfactory or better. Did Not Pass: Don’t be upset! Learn from the feedback you received, and come back next time. Pending: Yeah, sorry... Some pairs had too few entrants, and some entrants are still late with their reviews. We’ll try to get more feedback over the next week and will update you. Spoiler: Some of you have good chances to become Seniors Now, how do all of you guys feel?
  3. Hi I have signed up for the event next week. But it probably isn't enough people signed up in my language. My question is: you have published a type of document for the translation. What if you are really good at 2-3 specific terminologies but maybe not so good in the one you use for the test. People have different specialties. How will this even out? How will everyone get a fair chance?
  4. Hi all! Many of you have been asking me when the next Senior Translators session is going to take place, and that day has finally come! Next week, we are holding a super-fast translation marathon (Smartcathon?) called “Senior Blitz!”. Winners (any number of them) will be declared Smartcat Senior Translators. Here are a few things you need to know in this regard: Benefits First of all, here is a short infographic showing the advantages of being a Senior Translator on Smartcat. Timeline The whole event will take just four days, namely July 3–7. On Monday, you will start translating. The next three days, you will be reviewing others’ translations. Next Friday, we will announce the results. Source text All applicants will be translating pieces from the same text, namely “The Mind and Its Education” by George Herbert Betts (full text here). Every translator will get to translate 230–270 words from it, assigned in random order. Language pairs To keep things simpler and quicker this time, we’ll stick to EN-XX pairs, where XX is your native language. A pair will have to have at least 10 applicants to be eligible. Applying Applications are accepted at this link. But before you confirm your participation, please Learn the details To avoid misunderstanding, we are giving a webinar tomorrow to explain the process in detail and answer any questions you might have. Please join the webinar online or watch it in replay before making your decision: Join the Webinar Good luck, and see you online!
  5. Senior Blitz! explained

    Senior Blitz! is a super-fast version of Senior Translator selection. In this session, we will introduce you to the basics of the selection process and answer all your Q&As. Watch the Webinar
  6. Senior Blitz!

    Current status: Finished. Results published here. One-week translathon to elect new Smartcat Senior Translators. Timeline: Day 1 / July 3: Translation. Day 2–4: Reviews. Day 5: Results. Senior Translator infographic (10).pdf
  7. Hello Smartcat Community!

    Hello! This is Noelia Martinez, a journalist and translator originally from Spain but currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have more than 8 years of experience as an English to Spanish translator. I currently translate and create content for Global Treasure Apps, a Scottish company that specialises in the development of mobile applications and e-books for tourist destinations and attractions, I create, proofread and edit news items and articles for the bilingual and digital magazine Cosmopolita Scotland, and I also edit, proofread and translate content for different clients via Search Sciences LLP. Since I started my career as a translator, I have dealt with a wide variety of texts that range from documents, mobile applications, web and blog content and brochures or listing to books, social media posts, news articles, press releases, white papers or business proposals, for different industrial and professional sectors: NGOs, language schools, engineering, finances, marketing, hospitality, tourism, health, medical, technology, law, media, etc. I recently finished translating some EU marketing materials regarding rear diseases for a public institution from Spain called CREER, and in the past I translated the app NbN Nomenclature, about neuroscience and pharmacology. Amongst other projects, I have also translated several books. I translated the first book written by Cristen Hemingway Jaynes, The Smallest of Entryways. I also collaborated in the translation and proof reading of two books published by the British company B. Dutton Publishing: Animation in Sugar by Carlos Lischetti and Baby Cakes by Debbie Brown. Both books have received a great response amongst the Spanish-speaking public. Last year, I was trusted again by Carlos Lischetti, who has more than 335000 followers in Facebook, to collaborate in the translation of his second book: Animation in Sugar 2. If you would like to know a bit more about my professional approach to language services, I invite you to visit my website and my LinkedIn profile. I am very happy to be part of this community and I hope I can connect and exchange ideas with many of you! Regards Noelia Martínez