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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, I found this quite large pool of resources to tap into. These are two separate, but linked, collections of ebooks on a variety of topics. I can't cite them all, but I'll drag a few names here. If you have questions, these might be good places to look into. The first one comes from a blog called Infotra, which is in Spanish, but plenty of books are in English. A few books from its collection: I also happened to find some Dutch titles. And then we have the second collection, much smaller but very targeted, in four categories: Terminology, Translation, Linguistics, and Glossaries. Check out the titles under the Translation category: Alright people, now you've got plenty of materials to read!
  2. LocJAM4 - Help

    Post all your LocJAM4 questions and doubts here regarding technical difficulties and we'll do our best to answer them! For a list of helpful resources, go to this topic: https://forum.smartcat.ai/topic/306-locjam4-resources/ For general discussion, go to this topic: https://forum.smartcat.ai/topic/307-locjam4-main-discussion-thread/ Please refer to LocJAM's FAQ before posting your question: http://www.locjam.org/faq/ ------------------ FAQ ------------------ -- How do I set up the translation for smartcat? Make a copy of the transrator.csv file. From the transrator.csv file, create a blank xlsx file and transport COLUMN B of the transrator.csv file to the new file. Upload Column B file to smartcat. Do the translation. Download the translated document. Copy and paste the entire column from the Column file to the column B of the transrator.csv file. When asked, make sure to save in the same file format (Save, instead of Save As). - Avoid using hotkeys, Ctrl+S isn't the hotkey for all versions. Close the transrator.csv file. When asked to save the changes, say no. -- Line 224 keeps showing up as the source. Why is that? There's a code incompatibility with Excel, and it happens due to the semicolon in that string. You can ignore this, as will the jurors, it's a known issue. However, a new download pack has been made for the LocJAM which has the file fixed, and if you download the new version you can avoid the problem altogether.