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Found 2 results

  1. I've worked with some companies that required quality check reports. To be fair, most of their requests were redundant, and most of them are already covered by Smartcat's Verifika Quality Assurance (QA) tool integrated in the Editor, but some things can slip up and some conditions are a little too complex to check segment by segment, and there's a QA tool called Xbench which does exactly that. Their latest update introduced a Smartcat integration. You still require the app itself installed in your machine, and for ease of access you can use the Chrome extension to activate it from the Smartcat Editor itself. Here are the update's integration notes: You can grab Xbench on its Download page. Xbench IS a paid service, so you get 30 days for free and then you have to switch to a subscription, but to some of you it will be worth it because its QA checks are very thorough and some companies require them. Here's a video explaining how to use Xbench on Smartcat. You can find more videos like those explaining to you how to use Xbench in their website. Check it out. Might be the tool responsible to ramping up your level a little bit. This is a cool integration. Before that, I'd have to download the files and set up in the Xbench software together with the original files in order to get the report. It's quite customizable as well.
  2. Some time ago I met this Ukrainian agency, Technolex, which treated their business very seriously. They had no "bullshit", and I like them. Today I read another blog post by them which cites a few translation QA (Quality Assurance) tools and I wanted to refer those over here in virtue of our recent discussion on quality. They begin by telling us what a QA tool typically does. Then they mention the most popular tools themselves. And it's interesting to notice that, as mentioned in the post itself, most CAT tools have their own QA tool. In Smartcat we have Verifika, which has all the major features mentioned. But what I really wanted to mention from that post was this: In bold is what I think is most valuable about that tool. Learning from the mistakes of others is ideal, but learning from your own is still most important and often simpler. I also would like to take the opportunity to refer to this small list with text-to-speech softwares. Reading out loud your translations is a nice way to catch mistakes such as these (in the Technolex post, again): And even better than you reading your own text (you can read correctly what is not properly written!), you can use softwares to read it for you. That's all, folks. Go check out the full post for the best experience.