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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm having some trouble setting up and executing projects that are strictly in-house, from project setup to assignee settings, access levels, and segment confirmation. Here's the situation: I work for a company that is in the industrial supply e-commerce sector. I am the head of localization (US-MX), and while from time to time we definitely do outsource translation/editing work, right now I am needing to create and complete some translation projects on my own. Even when I create a project myself, it doesn't let give me any of the manager permissions that I need to be able to finish the job as a manager would: I am stuck as a "Linguist" while I think I need the "Project Manager" permissions. This particular situation aside, I think it would be very beneficial for many users if there were a guideline/instruction manual for users who are not LSPs nor freelancers, but just businesses looking to organize their inhouse localization work. Could somebody guide me through how to accomplish this as a user? Any pointers from people who've done this themselves?
  2. until
    Hey guys, I’m joining Translators on Air today to talk about what it takes for translators to act as de-facto agencies. Expect a mixture of practical tips and philosophical blablabla from me. The exact proportion is yet to be defined Join here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/one-man-translation-agency
  3. Collaborative translation in Smartcat

    We’ll talk about managing collaborative translation projects in Smartcat: working with your existing team, hiring additional freelancers, and paying for jobs done on and outside Smartcat. This Thursday, we’ll talk about managing collaborative translation projects in Smartcat. In particular, we’ll discuss how to: Collaborate with your existing team, Hire additional freelancers from the marketplace, and Pay anyone for jobs done on and outside Smartcat. The webinar will be especially helpful for translation executives and project managers. But if you are a freelancer, the webinar will allow you to offer a much-wanted service to your clients. The session will take around one hour, and registered participants will be able to access its recording afterwards. Sign up to watch the webinar on this page. Make sure to follow the event in order not to miss it! Best viewed on Crowdcast.
  4. Hey everybody. When you take a project from a direct client where there is no fixed deadline, what criteria do you use to calculate a deadline yourselves? Of course in the end it always depends on the specific project but like, for example, how much extra time you calculate to make up for any unforeseen delay?