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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, everyone. I'd like to know how to disable the "misspelled" warning for certain words without having to create a glossary entry for it. It's really annoying when I get a text of repeated words considered as misspelled by the software. All my segments get labelled with the translation error sign and it distracts me from actual errors. I've tried adding them to the dictionary and it stopped underlining them but it keeps the warning signs. The second thing I'd like to tackle is how the software deals with Portuguese enclitics. In Portuguese, you can attach certain suffixes to verbs and nouns, such as in the example "jog谩-lo", in which the suffix "lo" was attached to the word "joga". The thing is, smartcat recognizes it as two separated words ("jog谩" and "lo"). Although "jog谩-lo" is a correct usage of Portuguese enclitics, "jog谩" and "lo" aren't words by themselves so whenever I try to write "jog谩-lo" or any other kind of Portuguese enclitic, I get a misspelled warning. These two things combined makes the warning sign useless to me when I'm translating to Portuguese since most of the time when the sign pops up it is wrong. I'm looking foward to seeing these issues fixed.
  2. Introduction

    Hi, everyone! I'm Silvana, but you can call me Sil
  3. Simply put: Hist贸ria means factual events, the past. Est贸ria means a fable, a fairytale, a popular legend. In my way of seeing it, Hist贸ria is equivalent to History, and Est贸ria to Story. Though, est贸ria is an invented word. Typically speaking, the use of est贸ria is not encouraged, and sometimes even shunned upon. The reason for that, I know not. Considering so many words came from inventions and adaptations from other languages, I can't imagine why it is so evil to make a new one based on a very simple distinction. This may be useful for one of your translations, in the future, so keep it in mind. References: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Est贸ria https://duvidas.dicio.com.br/historia-ou-estoria/
  4. Hi, I'm Hadriano

    Hi! I'm Hadriano from Brazil, EN>ptBR life sciences translator.
  5. Andr茅 from Portugal here!

    Hi everyone, I'm Andr茅! I'm Portuguese, 26 years old, and I have been living in Japan since 2012, where I'm working now as a video game motion designer. I have been around the translation and proofreading world ever since then, having mostly worked in the EN-PT pair, but also a lot in the JP-PT pair. I translate quite a lot of different contents, from websites to video games, apps, reviews, books, company stock informations, and I have translated a couple of official documents for the Rio 2016 Olympics from Japanese to Portuguese. I'm still not sure about what kind of projects are around here, but I hope I can be of as much help as I can! Best regards, Andr茅
  6. Hi, I'm Nuno

    I'm an EN-PT translator from Portugal. I've studied Electrical Engineering and am currently studying Computer Engineering. I love translating anything IT-related, along with videogames or more general content.
  7. Hi, I'm Andrea

    Hi everyone! I'm Andrea, an ES/PT > EN translator based in sunny Florida in the U.S. I studied literary translation and still work on literary projects in my free time, when I'm not translating other work.
  8. Hi! I'm Carinne!

    Hi there! I'm Carinne, a Brazilian 29 years-old freelance translator. I enjoy working with books, documents and academic essays but, mostly, I have a variety of works in different fields, which makes me research more, learn more and be versatile. I hope to help you guys here at SmartCat Community, in whatever you need in terms of English-Portuguese(BR). Let's make this a big helpful resource to us translators.
  9. Translator/Proofreader EN, FR, PT > ES, GL

    Good morning. My name is Sabela Cebro Barreiro and I am a freelance translator since 2007. My language pairs are EN, FR, PT > ES, GL. I am used to translate different kinds of text: IT, legal, tourism, automotion, medical and, of course, general texts. See you. SABELA CEBRO
  10. From Brazil

    Hi, my name is Marcus Dejean, I'm a Brazilian Portuguese localization specialist with more than 2 years' experience. I love translate video games and apps, learn languages and make new friends around the world.