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Found 3 results

  1. Smartcat has a multitude of payment options. Considering its global nature, we need special and specific rules for each and every country. Not every option is always available, but we do our best to make it easy on your end. Thankfully, we were able to introduce yet another interesting option for payments - local bank transfers - in the following regions: Specific information for each region can be found in the Help Center - Payout Options. Local bank transfers are typically hassle-free and also involve fewer fees than your usual PayPal option. Here's an example of the information you need to get started with this method: You just need to gather that information (easier than with international wire transfers, I might add) and send it to payments@smartcat.ai and they'll get it sorted for you. An important note: by opting for Local Bank Transfers you won't be able to choose any other method for payments, you'll have to receive every payment in that bank account until you either change the bank itself or choose to delete that information and pick another option from the ones regularly available. Keep your heads up for future updates on this. For other countries, you also have your typical three main methods: PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, and International Wire Transfers. Find out more about it here. As mentioned, not every option is available to every country. You can learn more about the limitations here. Alternatively, you may also use a Smartcat Pre-paid Mastercard card. Smartcat Mastercard is a debit card you can use for making online and offline purchases or withdrawing cash from any ATM worldwide where the “MasterCard”, “Maestro” or “Cirrus” marks are displayed. Quite an interesting feature, might be the best alternative for you. Fee-free. Learn how to order yours here, if you are interested. How happy are you with this addition? : D
  2. How safe are you?

    Two days ago, i did a medium size job for an agency on Smartcat. The customer approved the job and was happy with the result. So was I. As a freelancer it is crucial to get a steady flow of assignments for you to be able to support yourself financially. Only ONE day after the job was done, i receive this message from support: Hello! You have performed translation services for XXXXXXX on Smartcat. We have received information from them that they are experiencing financial difficulties and will be able to pay for your job in a 4 months period. The client apologizes for the current situation and any inconveniences this is causing. To be notified is good and sometimes we all have bumps in the road, but what happens if they don't pay in 4 months time? But, hypothetically, what is stopping other customers from using an approach like this on purpose? Make you do the job before they tell you they can't pay for it? Does SmartCat help out in that case?
  3. HI all. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. Hopefully it is. I was wandering, how do translators generally go about receiving payment for their work? I mean when working with direct clients (outside of SmartCAT). Like, the way I see it, it would be reasonable to expect the client to make the payment in advance. That's what you see in dealing with agencies at least. But when you're negotiating on your own, is that the case as well?