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Found 1 result

  1. Continuing on our list of interestingly weird Brazilian movie and series title translations, here is a second part to it: Annie Hall Translation: Noivo Neurítico, Noiva Nervosa Back-translation: Neurotic Groom, Nervous Bride Jack and Silent Bob Strike Back Translation: O Império (do Besteirol) Contra-Ataca Back-translation: The Empire (of Nonsense) Counter-Attacks Rat Race Translation: Tá Todo Mundo Louco! - Uma Corrida por Milhõe$ Back-translation: Every Body Is Crazy! - A Race for Million$ - That's gotta be one of the worse adaptations. Jack and Jill Translation: Cada Um Tem a Gêmea que Merece Back-translation: Everyone Has The Twin They Deserve We're the Millers Translation: Família do Bagulho - This one makes little to no sense. A pretty much random adaptation. Back-translation: Family Rubbish The Watch Translation: Vizinhos Imediatos de 3º Grau Back-translation: 3rd Degree Imediate Neighbors Meet the Parents Translation: Entrando Numa Fria Back-translation: Getting into a Spot of Bother Shane Translation: Os Brutos Também Amam Back-translation: The Brutes Also Love Shine Translation: Shine - Brilhante Back-translation: Shine - Shiny - Not even a little bit redundant. Taxi Driver Translation: Taxi Driver - Motorista de Táxi Back-translation: Taxi Driver - Taxi Driver Stuart Little Translation: O Pequeno Stuart Little Back-translation: The Little Stuart Little Chicken Little Translation: O Galinho Chicken Little Back-translation: The Chicken Little Chick - Yep, you've got it. It's a trend around here. Blue Valentine Translation: Namorados para Sempre Back-translation: Forever Boyfriends The Apartment Translation: Se Meu Apartamento Falasse Back-translation: If My Apartment Were To Speak Persona Translation: Quando Duas Mulheres Pecam Back-translation: When Two Women Sin The Sweetest Thing Translation: Tudo para Ficar com Ele Back-translation: Everything to Be with Him Parenthood Translation: O Tiro Que Não Saiu Pela Culatra Back-translation: The Shot That Didn't Backfire The Godfather Translation: O Poderoso Chefão Back-translation: The Powerful Big Boss - Actually I like this one, but due to external references. Airplane Translation: Apertem os Cintos... O Piloto Sumiu! Back-translation: Tighten your Seat belts... The Pilot is Gone! - You tell me this one ain't bizarre. Giant Translation: Assim Caminha a Humanidade Back-translation: And So Humanity Continues Vertigo Translation: Um Corpo Que Cai Back-translation: A Body That Falls The Good Girl Translation: Por um Sentido na Vida Back-translation: For a Meaning in Life That's it people. I hope this helped you wind down a bit from your intense routine! If you'd like to participate by helping me put up new Funny Fridays, feel free to send me a private message with your suggestions (including your own material if you'd like) and we'll see what we can do! As some of our community members already pointed out, weird translations are not uncommon on other languages as well. Some of them will definitely stand out. I'm looking forward to your contribution. Have a nice weekend!