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Found 6 results

  1. Without further ado, here's the continuation of that fun-inducing list from last week. Que? Famous painter goes troll Supernatural Yawn Faithful Captions When You Don't Speak Jive Netflix Subtitles Sure Can Be Specific Paying Homage I wonder who they target with those captions... The Sound of Nature You can paint this in your living room! As a continuation from the previous part: From Ranker, by Nathan Davidson. Remember to send me your suggestions!
  2. Brought by Arika Okrent on Mental Floss, we have a small list of translations that ended up in tragedy. Some more than others. However complicated the results might be, it's also a bit funny to imagine how much a small mistake in a translation can cause issues. I ended up omitting the first one because it was genuinely tragic, but you can still read it in the original. Have a great weekend, friends!
  3. Hey everyone, it's time to share something fun again and I thought to have some laughs with our movie title translations here in Brazil! Here are a few famous movies that got awfully weird or disconnected (sometimes even contrary to the plot's development) title translations. And series, too. The Hangover Translation: Se Beber, Não Case! Back-translation: If you drink, don't marry! The Sound of Music Translation: A Noviça Rebelde Back-translation: The Rebel Novice Memento Translation: Amnésia Back-translation: Amnesia Nowhere Boy Translation: O Garoto de Liverpool Back-translation: The Boy From Liverpool Fear Dot Com Translation: Medo Ponto Com Br Back-translation: Fear Dot Com Br (I actually liked this one, rather xD) Lost in Translation Brazilian Translation: Encontros e Desencontros Back-translation: Matches and Mismatches Portuguese Translation: O Amor é um lugar estranho Back-translation: Love is a strange place The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Translation: Um Maluco No Pedaço Back-translation: A Crazy Fellow On The Hood Fullhouse Translation: Três É Demais Back-translation: Three Is Too Much 3rd Rock From The Sun Translation: Uma Família De Outro Mundo Back-translation: A Family From Another World Caroline in the City Translation: Tudo por um Gato Back-translation: Everything for a Cat Charmed Translation: Jovem Bruxas Back-translation: Young Witches Family Guy Translation: Uma Família da Pesada Back-translation: A Heavy Duty Family The Good Wife Translation: Pelo Direito de Recomeçar Back-translation: For The Right to Start Over Charlie's Angels Translation: As Panteras Back-translation: The Panthers Breaking Bad Translation: Breaking Bad - A Química do Mal Back-translation: Breaking Bad - The Chemistry of Evil That's it for today, guys! Was there any that stood out from the rest? Maybe something you agree with? Elaborate below!
  4. Today I'm bringing you the laugherous Chinese texts, second edition. You know, I did hear China had a funny taste for food. Maybe the other countries should suggest creative uses for their products, too. A Aw, ain't it loathsome when your DVD won't stop preaching to you before it just plays the damn disk? They must not lack unfaithful men there. This one showed up in the forums already, before! Error 404. If you see someone massaging their dog's belly around here, tell them to stop it. Not any kind of poo, mind you. Would it be awkward to explain that to her? Talk about son favoritism... The Chinese for Smartcat's slogan would be: SMARTCAT - Connocting Poorple Is that the kind which gets emptied in the garden? Or is it another? "Which foot?" *Looks down.* "AAHHHHHH!!" In the first one, you get to choose whether you want the cat's ear, or the plate. The second is served on youth detention centers. It pulls the damn rotten child out of themselves. Well, ya know. Vegetarians. Carnivores. Hybrids. Puketarians. Yeah! I thought so too! Your favorites, this turn around?
  5. It requires no explanation. He didn't think anyone would check. Shh! That's how you prepare the dish. For mechanics. <3 That's martial arts training for you. Self declaring. We are welcoming. It was 4 AM and he wanted to go to bed. Handed to you on a platter. Neighborhood edition. Ask the robber for permission, first. Be polite! Brought to you by: wikipedia. You are welcome! The X marks the spot. Those were all for today! xD @yujie, I've heard some of these are correct. Is it real?
  6. Hey everyone, I was looking for an article when I came across this webpage. It has some of the most amazing translation quotes I've ever read. Please, have a laugh! That goes a long way in showing how proper translation is important. I had so many laughs with this one... Which was your favorite?