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Found 7 results

  1. LocJAM4 — Game Localization Competition

    Hi everyone! http://www.locjam.org/ The LocJAM is a non-profit game localization competition held by IGDA (International Game Developers Association). It's free, requires no registration, has amateur and professional categories, and plenty of language pairs. (English to Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Europe & Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Europe & Latin America). The localization can be done in less than a day, is completely online, and is a great opportunity to get to know a different field, or simply prove (and hone) your skills. There's quite a community of friendly people studying for the contest, and some of them hold study groups around the world. You can find more information in the website itself. Being a videogame localizer, I'm bound to put all my efforts into it, and I'd like to share this event with all of you, and invite you to participate! Maybe we can discuss about it here in the smartcat forum and learn together. Ace the contest! I'm hoping to see all of you there. ------- Here are the main threads about LocJAM on this forum — but feel free to create your own!
  2. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    Hi everyone, LocJAM is a non-profit videogame translation contest organized by team GLOC and the Localization SIG of the IGDA, with the support of the IGDA Foundation. Free, takes less than a day to localize, and you've got two weeks to hone it. It's quite a chance to test and improve your skills. Here, in the smartcat forum, we are promoting an online study group. You are welcome to join and share your thoughts! This will be our main thread for talking about how to best solve the challenges in the LocJAM4 game localization process. We should tackle one challenge at a time, but feel free to add your concerns at any moment. For a list of helpful resources, check this thread: https://forum.smartcat.ai/topic/306-locjam4-resources/ For help, go to this thread: https://forum.smartcat.ai/topic/305-locjam4-help/ ------------------ Challenges to Discuss ------------------ -- Is the mage female? -- The Narrator's Style -- The Game's Initial State -- Item Translation: DIE-ary of the Brave. -- How to trigger the "That name is not available" message. -- Pun: The Archfiend is a True Friend -- Classification Translation: RPG-like command battle style-ish clue solving game! ------------------ Solutions Provided ------------------ -- The Game's Initial State - @Gabriel Ninô You are the Mage, within the Archfiend's mind, within the Brave's body. The Brave's mind is within the Archfiend's body. He's the one to talk to you in the beginning. Prior to the first scene, the Mage arrived in the battle, the Archfiend took an Esther potion, and then the Mage cast Possession on the Archfiend. The Brave then arrives, casts Switch on the Archfiend, and you (together with the Archfiend's mind) are transferred to the Brave's body, and that becomes the first scene. The game is within a loop until you break free of the loop by fueling the Brave with Ether, instead of fueling the Archfiend's mana pool. -- How to trigger the "That name is not available" message. The game reserves the names of the Brave and the Archfiend, the characters you can control, so you don't get confused while playing, but it only does so in the game's original language, Japanese! - @Gabriel Ninô Insert まおう or ゆうしゃ to trigger the message. They mean Archfiend and Brave respectively. The game supports Copy and Paste. You can also use maou or yuusha instead. -- The Narrator's Style A biblical tone. Use of rhymes and poetic speech. A specific dialect which only he employs, sounding ancient or wise. Riddles. Check the Resources thread for inspirations. -- Item Translation: DIE-ary of the Brave. The pun is nor merely on the pronunciation of Diary, but also in the idea that by reading it, you will die. - @Renan Felipe dos Santos This is an item in which you'll most likely not have an equivalent pun in your language, so this may be the time to transcreate. Even at the cost of the pun, you may still attach the meaning to death and create something original. -- Game's Classification Translation: "RPG-like command battle style-ish clue solving game!" If your language can aggregate words together, such as German, this may be an opportunity to do so. If your language does not support this, but supports the attachment of suffixes, that may be an alternative. If your language doesn't support either, you can still add idioms and words to present the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  3. LocJAM4 - Help

    Post all your LocJAM4 questions and doubts here regarding technical difficulties and we'll do our best to answer them! For a list of helpful resources, go to this topic: https://forum.smartcat.ai/topic/306-locjam4-resources/ For general discussion, go to this topic: https://forum.smartcat.ai/topic/307-locjam4-main-discussion-thread/ Please refer to LocJAM's FAQ before posting your question: http://www.locjam.org/faq/ ------------------ FAQ ------------------ -- How do I set up the translation for smartcat? Make a copy of the transrator.csv file. From the transrator.csv file, create a blank xlsx file and transport COLUMN B of the transrator.csv file to the new file. Upload Column B file to smartcat. Do the translation. Download the translated document. Copy and paste the entire column from the Column file to the column B of the transrator.csv file. When asked, make sure to save in the same file format (Save, instead of Save As). - Avoid using hotkeys, Ctrl+S isn't the hotkey for all versions. Close the transrator.csv file. When asked to save the changes, say no. -- Line 224 keeps showing up as the source. Why is that? There's a code incompatibility with Excel, and it happens due to the semicolon in that string. You can ignore this, as will the jurors, it's a known issue. However, a new download pack has been made for the LocJAM which has the file fixed, and if you download the new version you can avoid the problem altogether.
  4. You gave me a lot to think about with this post. I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around a few things. If all of this is as you said it is, then perhaps we should nickname the True Brave as the True Imbecil, because some things make no sense at all. Sure, he's stupid and the game makes that clear enough, but still... If we begin the game with the Brave being inside the Archfiend, and we being controlling the Archfiend's mind, inside the Brave's body, why would the Brave fail to recognize his own body by looking through the Archfiend's eyes? The Brave, as pointed by others, doesn't know how to speak or write properly, so why does his speech at the beginning contain no flaws? Even further, why does he use words such as "utterly" and "pathetic"? Does he even knows what that means? Is he using knowledge from the Archfiend's body? After we Timewarp and meet the Brave again, he casts Switch. Then he should know he's in the Archfiend's body (or in his confusion, that he is Possessing the Archfiend). Why, then, would he cast Switch AGAIN (A second time), given chance, if he can't tell which body he's in? He should only do it once. Even more, if the Brave casts Switch (and believes he cast Possession), and is now in control of the Archfiend, why would he attack HIMSELF (His own body) as the Archfiend? When we Timewarp, we meet the Brave alone, because we are in the Archfiend, but on the very first encounter, the one that happens before the game takes place, why aren't we beside the Brave? And if we were beside the Brave, as we should, the Brave would know he doesn't have to cast Possession, because we are there to do it. And if he knew that, that situation where you described shouldn't happen, I think. There are other questions, but I'm not sure they are relevant. Is that overthinking? Prior to your analysis, my theory was this: We begin the game in Possession of the Brave (We, as the Mage, Possessing the Brave). That's why we see the world from his perspective, why we don't say anything (and neither does the Brave), and why we can't use Possession on the Archfiend - We can only cast the spells that our host knows already (otherwise we would have Possession available no matter what). We have to find a way to fix the situation we (as the party) got into, and that's the game's challenge. We fix everything by separating our minds again, and fueling the Brave with enough mana to cast Holy on the Archfiend, with the Brave being in his own body, his mind separated from ours, and us on the Archfiend, to prevent him from acting against the party, and to go back to our body once he is defeated. It didn't seem to raise that many questions for me. How we got into that situation doesn't really matter to the game, but we could speculate that it came to be due to the fight against the Evil Elites, where a similar situation came to be, and the Mage ended up in the Brave's body, as we begin in the game. When we cast Timewarp, we change history, by traveling back in time in the Archfiend's body our Mage mind gets in possession of the Archfiend, and when the Brave casts Switch, the only one switching is the Mage, into possessing the Brave, which explains why the Archfiend would begin his speech, being back in control of his own body, "unawares" of what is happening. This whole thing goes by the principle that Switch and Possession are conflicting spells, and it does open up a few other questions, but questions that could be answered simply by "because it fits the game." Then again, this answer would also fit in the questions I had when thinking about your theory. I'm not sure, I'm as confused as the Brave right now. Let's discuss this further. I'd love to hear the opinion of others.
  5. LocJAM4 - Resources

    In here, we'll be posting translation and localization resources that may be of help for the LocJAM4 Competition. Share what you will, and I'll attach everything to the main post. For general discussion, go to this topic: https://forum.smartcat.ai/topic/307-locjam4-main-discussion-thread/ For help, go to this thread: https://forum.smartcat.ai/topic/305-locjam4-help/ ------------------ Localization Insights ------------------ LocJAM Japan Winners (Extremely Important!) - http://www.locjam.org/locjam_japan_winners_2016/ LocJAM4 Kyoto Study Group Presentation - http://www.at-it-translator.com/locjam4-kyoto-study-group-presentation-topics-and-personal-notes/ LocJAM3 Winners - http://www.locjam.org/locjam3-winners/ LocJAM 2 Winners - http://www.locjam.org/locjam2-winners/ Past LocJAM Studies (Portuguese, but could be useful to any language) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7noYmn0-zUHR1hpVlUtRjhIWTQ/view LocJAM2 Post-mortem analysis - http://www.at-it-translator.com/locjam-game-localization-challenges/ LocJAM3 Case Study - http://www.at-it-translator.com/introduction-to-game-localization-through-a-case-study-the-locjam3/ Video Game Localization Webinar - https://www.crowdcast.io/e/video-game-localization 10 Main Challenges of Video Game Localization Article - https://www.smartcat.ai/blog/2017/03/03/challenges-video-game-localization/?utm_campaign=com_game-l9n-challenges&utm_medium=social&sniply=game-l10n-challenges IGDA Localization SIG Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/5617301247/ Sheila Gome's (Study Group Organizer) page on LocJAM (Plenty of interesting articles) - https://www.sutori.com/story/locjam-4 Searching the Soul of Games to Translate them Better Article - http://www.localization.it/mda-framework-searching-the-soul-of-games-to-translate-them-better/ Postmortem Analysis of Papers, Please - http://www.localization.it/postmortmem-translating-papers-please ------------------ Translation ------------------ Urban Dictionary: http://www.urbandictionary.com/ (Plenty of foul language, but very useful for clarification of idioms) ------------------ Inspiration for Character's Localization ------------------ -- The Master (Narrator) Yoda, from Star Wars The Wizard, from The Wizard of Oz The Master, from Dungeons & Dragons Gandalf the White, from The Lord of the Rings - @Renan Felipe dos Santos -- The Brave Megaman ------------------ Documents ------------------ A personal style guide I was using to organize myself - LocJAM4 Style Guide for smartcat.xlsx (Updated with more thorough QA steps) A comparison of the original, the amateur and pro versions of LocJAM Japan, and the one in LocJAM4 - IkinariMaou.xlsx - @Anthony Teixeira
  6. LocJAM4 — Problem signing up

    @Otávio Banffy Hello, I really want to participate in game localisation, so I went to the website but somehow I am not able to participate can you help me Thanks,
  7. LocJAM4 - missing pairs

    I love to try the contest when my language pairs are available (English - Vietnamese) T_T Look forward to the expansion of such a great contest for translators from around the world!