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Found 1 result

  1. We've had some debate in the past about machines replacing humans, and mentioned some great technical improvements in MT. But here's an even better perspective. Lee Densmer published an article in Moravia on how humans and machines combined are better than before.She talks about the perspective of machines being tools rather than replacements, and shifted the attention to the responsibilities that companies have in retraining people. And that's can be quite intuitive, right? After all, we've been using MT for a long time now to accelerate our output powers. And we know, through experience, that MT, NMT or else isn't enough to cover what humans can do, but we do know that Lilt-powered translations can be waaaay faster than regular translations, and people feel quite connected to their individually trained Lilt profile. I completely agree with that. Not just with translations, but organization, communication, planning, etc. One of a company's best investments is in their own staff. We, as freelancers, need to invest in ourselves, since we are our own entrepreneurs and need to take responsibility for ourselves. We would be smart to benefit from the technological evolutions and learn how to leverage these new tools for ourselves. There's a great chance we'll find a whole new level of comfort and productivity through them! We only ought to ourselves to genuinely try. Let me know what you thought of Lee's thinking. Would you like to add your own input @Simon Akhrameev? (Did you get the pun? :P) Also, I believe this time I'm right to tag you @Una, yes? Hahah Well, where do you stand with the human-machine debate?