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Found 7 results

  1. I recently came across an interesting blog post by Laura Belgray explaining why she doesn't refer to herself as a freelancer. She's a copywriter, not a translator, but I think it applies to our world too. Actually, I think it applies to any professional working solo. In her own words, here's why she doesn't use the word "freelancer": Because it sounds poor. Poor, and desperate. It might be a good word for SEO. But in my experience, the second you say you’re a freelancer, people think you’ll take any scraps, for any pay. I want to say she's exaggerating a little, but then I think how much better "I run a translation business" sounds than "I am a freelance translator". It shouldn't, but it does. Why do freelancers have such a bad rep? Is it because we're willing to accept lower prices than "traditional businesses"? Is it because people associate freelancing with making some extra cash on the side? Whatever the reasons, I find myself using the term less and less with clients as I grow my business and I think that's the best option for me. What about you? Do you call yourself a freelancer? Here's Laura Belgray's blog post: http://talkingshrimp.com/f-word-freelancer
  2. Hi, I’m Saeed

    Hi, I'm a freelance translator. My mother tongue is Persian, and I translate from English to Persian and vice versa. Beside translation, I also have an interest in building data bases and dictionaries. Cheers
  3. I am a freelancer and a project manager. My current account is a freelancer account. Is there an option to have both functionalities?
  4. HI all. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. Hopefully it is. I was wandering, how do translators generally go about receiving payment for their work? I mean when working with direct clients (outside of SmartCAT). Like, the way I see it, it would be reasonable to expect the client to make the payment in advance. That's what you see in dealing with agencies at least. But when you're negotiating on your own, is that the case as well?
  5. I've been using SmartCAT for a year and am happy to join this community! I am a newby but already love what you guys are doing here) My native language is Russian and I am an EN-RU translator. I've been working mostly with legal and business texts so far, but what I am really willing to translate in future is associated with Marketing/Sport/Travel. This is what I'm truly interested in, gonna find as many ways as possible to practise in these areas. I am also a music geek, and honestly my love for English would not be that passionate if I weren't fond of British and American music culture. Hope to become of use here) Cheers!
  6. Greetings from Madrid

    Hello! My name is Bill Haren. I was born and raised in the United States, but after far too long trying to find the right career in the States, I took my family to Spain and found my true calling in translation. No regrets. My past experiences have helped my translation work immensely. My time as an accountant helped in translating financial reports. The summers helping in my family's construction business helped with my engineering vocabulary. The years spent in restaurants, managing and bartending helped me with tourism brochures and menus. Every experience in my life gets used to help speak in the natural language that is needed for each type of translation.
  7. Greetings! I'm Meyling!

    Hello! My name is Meyling and I'm a native Spanish speaker from Nicaragua holding a degree in International Relations and a postgraduate degree in International Development Cooperation. I'm an active member of the Coursera Global Translator Community, translating academic courses offered by Coursera. Also working at the Smithsonian Transcription Center as a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer. I've also worked as a virtual/personal assistant doing various administrative tasks. I'm a reliable, friendly, joyful, detail-orientated, professional, and responsible person. I have two hobbies: reading and design in general. I love interior design and digital design. I also love photography and I spent some of my spear time editing photos in Photoshop!