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Found 1 result

  1. Your work environment represents a little bit of how your brain organizes things. A more organized environment benefits the feeling you get when thinking about your work. The same happens with your focus. When it comes to us freelancers, or people who work in the virtual world all day, it can be difficult to remain focused at all times on what they need to. So here are a few tips for you to be more organized and boost your productivity. This is useful if you know you get easily distracted by messages, notifications, etc. Not everyone is, but if you surround yourself with updates from various apps, you need to separate them from your work time. This was especially important for me. I always knew that, but sometimes I struggle a bit in keeping it up. As a freelancer, we are one-(wo)man armies. We are our marketing, our workforce, our payments agent, customer satisfaction specialist, everything, and depending on what you do you'll have more and more activities that pile up and blend together. It's important to try and keep them compartmentalised as much as possible, which takes us to the next tip. There might be applications that specific for doing this sort of thing. But any list will do. Physical might be better, on a paper note or a notebook. Could we make a working diary of daily activities for us? We can later on go back and see how much we accomplished each day. Neat idea! There is a concept called the Pomodoro Break - which we covered here at the forums before - that works on this principle. Check it out for more information. I work in high-intensity bursts. I get to do a lot of work in very little time, then rest for a bit (or a lot, depending on the previous intensity) before getting back to it. I get to do more than I would if working continuously, and a I beta lot of people would too. I used Toggl at first for tracking that, but now I work entirely on instincts. Maybe something like that will do for you? While a partner may come in many forms, chances are good that you'll be needing translators to help you out. Well, you should consider yourself lucky because Smartcat is the right place to find freelancers willing to help you. If you want to have people working as partners, helping each other out, you can start a topic right here at the forum and see who might be interested. Or, you can find translators on the Marketplace itself and hire them as mercenar... Ahem, fellow translators, for helping you out. Now you can safely accept those 2 billion words project without feeling guilty or overburdened. ^^ You can read the original article in which those tips showed up here.