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Found 4 results

  1. We're back with more amusing engrishial excerpts for your weekend! Make sure to show it to everyone else! Have you ever held PURE LIFE in your hands before? I bet you hadn't!! That's when you know you're living the addiction! The mini version of the big bar of ALMOND chocolate. Did you get that noted? Make sure you never go for the drinks. They even have a lovely and inviting illustration at the front. Marketing done right. The engrish caption reads: When I think about this Engrish in my own way, I need psychiatric help. Please don't smork, or you'll be invited to leave. It was never so easy to pick a home for your Woody. From Toy Story. Have a great weekend, everyone!
  2. Hey guys, it's that time of the week again. I'm back to our roots as we take a look at more interesting messages from the Engrish.com portal. Who else likes to sniff fruits here? It has come a time in technological development where you can get whatever feeling you want from tissue paper. Natural, trending or even traditional feelings. Recyclable paper: you can use it up to five new generations. Found on a paper cup in Japan. Become a superhero! It reads: ‘The earth consists of the the water of 130, 000, 000 cubic km. Then you and I live having 65% of water. We are living with the earth after all. Nomadic Inc.’ Take a look, take a look! Relive the relief, relief the refri, refill the refrigenous, relief the reflief. Lots, and lots, of paper. Green paper. Money paper. Much rich life. Hoxy. I'm not commenting on that. ^^ Filled with starch, just for you! See you soon! Have a great weekend.
  3. Hey everyone, it's that time of the week again! Engrish.com has plenty more stories to show us, and I'm here to bring them for ya! Commentaries in italic come from Engrish.com itself. Reads: "The sentimental taste is cozy for the heroines in the town." Talk about a defined target demographic… Gum for people of all extremes… Have you heard about the Mother Flocker? A very funny pun from Flock. Gamer stuff, you know. For those who can take it in the jaw… That's how you know you are the jock of the turn! -- Ice Mints! Attention: Not to be served on commercial flights! Like in the Matrix. Filled with wholesome ingredients(chunk, chunk and more chunk). When I was small, I had a Little Pocky… Now I have a Men’s Pocky! ‘Nippless’ – for those most embarrasing moments(such as T-shirt time). Photo of inside package – basically band-aids for the bust. And here was you thinking that would make your hair look shiny. I had more laughs this time around.
  4. In my eternal perusal for articles of interest in the internet for you people, I found this very interesting website with an extensive wall of funny "Engrish" examples found throughout the entire world. Just be careful not to see them all, for I'd like to bring you new ones from time to time. All images and commentaries come from Engrish.com. This is the "product" edition of Funny Friday's Engrish. Let me know if you'd like to know where and when those images were first found, according to Engrish.com Hey, look what comes in the Collon package! The best rot that nature has to offer. - That actually came from me, heh. If you can find a more comfortable notebook, then you have graduated from College. Booing gum – with the patented ‘super brain panic’ effect. ‘Sweet Sweetie’ – for those who can’t get off on just ‘Sweetie’ Can I offer you a creamy ball? Shock your mouth with Slash! Refreshment water from Mr. Pocari himself…