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Found 36 results

  1. News from the Past Participle division. Proven has all but succeeded in beating proven as the third form of the verb prove in American English. Stay tuned for a revenge! For the record, here’s what Grammarist thinks about the match.
  2. Hello from Berlin

    Hello dear people! My name is Colette and I am an English to German translator. I usually work in the fields of IT & Technology, Economics & Business, Marketing and Video Games. But I am also interested in Tourism and Human Ressources. I have a Bachelor's degree in Technical Translation and work as a freelancer since last year. So I am still new at freelancing. Before I started out as a translation freelancer I was working as office manager/project manager in international public relations and graphic design agencies. Besides my responsibility in the administration of the agencies I also had the opportunity to translate documents every now and then (commercial and non-commercial). I am still pretty new to SmartCat but so far I am happy that it has an easy workflow. Personally, I like cats, as probably almost every translator. I have two of them. Right now they are sleeping (surprise). And I also like to travel, especially to Scandinavia. I love the "cold" countries. During my studies, I had the opportunity to spend one year abroad in Finland and I loved it. I am also pretty much interested in the Nordic languages like Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandic. That is all for now. I wish you all a happy and productive day! ~ Colette
  3. Hey, smart cats! My name is Dimitri; I am a Macedonian - Russian - English translator. Even though I am quite new to the forum, I have been using SmartCat for a while now. Macedonian is my native language, English in my second (been using it for 20+ years, teach it as well), and Russian I learned while living in Moscow and St.Petersburg, around 7 years in total while I was studying Journalism and International Relations (my MA studies are on a hiatus, unfortunately). I have been teaching that one as well. I must say that I am very impressed by the sheer size of its vocabulary and the inventive ways the language is used colloquially. I love learning new languages, been looking into Persian, Chinese, German and French by myself. What can you do, a linguist at heart, always trying to learn something new. Feel free to contact me, even just for a chat. It is very nice that the forum is full of life, I am glad to have joined! Wish everyone a very productive and wonderful day!
  4. Greetings from Córdoba (Spain)

    Greetings from Spain, My name is Manuel Jesús and I am finishing the Degree of Translation and Interpreting (at this moment I have only to defend my Bachelor Thesis to finish the Degree! ). My working languages are Spanish (native), English and German. I am very passionate with these three languages, but mostly with Spanish, the language which saw how I grew up. My love for my native language allowed me to collaborate with a professor in the area of Lengua Española (Department of Language Sciences). For that reason, I have a perfect knowledge of Spanish language. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if you need help about Spanish language . Moreover, with regard to translation, I love medical translation and localization. My purpose after the Degree is to do a Master's degree about Audiovisual Translation, which includes localization (of video games, web pages, etc.), subtitling, translation of films, series, documentaries, among others. Finally, my main goal is to do a PhD in Translation, but it will be a big challenge . I would like to share with you the social media where you can get in contact with me in an easier way: - Email ----> manueljm.translation@gmail.com - Facebook ----> Manuel J. Muñoz - Instagram ----> @tu_traductor_oficial - and soon in LinkedIn!! I see you there! To conclude, please remember that it will be a pleasure to help you. Thanks so much for being such a nice family of translators!! This forum is like our home . "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" (Helen Keller). A big hug, Manuel J.
  5. Question for American English natives, probably. There's a saying "call a spade a spade" that means to speak candidly or bluntly. Only recently, after reading Delany's Dhalgren, I've became aware that "spade" is a (derogative) term for a person of colour. As I understand, this saying about correct nomenclature for horticultural tools now has some amount of retrospective abusive connotation, if I may say so. Question is: how inappropriate this saying is now? That is, if I meet it in a modern text (dunno, in a character's speech or something), should it be considered a racial slur? Other question: why? What's the association between a spade (shovel, whatever) and 'not white'?? @lucy @lwennerstrom @Peter @Frank Nielsen
  6. Introduction

    Hi, everyone! I'm Silvana, but you can call me Sil
  7. Hi, I'm Sofia

    Hi everyone! I'm Sofia, a Russian > English translator and editor. I'm from Russia originally but have lived most of my life in Australia. I specialise in medical, pharma and literary translation. I'm looking forward to participating in this accreditation process.
  8. Hi there everyone!

    I'm Dan! a Professional Translator (EN - ES) from Venezuela, South America!
  9. Translation is a form of art. One cannot simply translate sentence by sentence without considering the whole meaning and the tone of the message intended to be delivered. My intention is to help you deliver your message to a wider range of audience without losing the emotion or cultural reference you need to convey. My formal education in a college of foreign languages and letters built the foundation while my experience working in hospitality industry in Bali sharpened my comprehension of English speaker's culture and way of thinking. Last but not least, my working experience in an online media polished my ability to write a compelling story. I work with various CAT tools, yet it's not the tool that delivers a good translation. It's the man behind the gun.
  10. Greetings from Madrid

    Hello! My name is Bill Haren. I was born and raised in the United States, but after far too long trying to find the right career in the States, I took my family to Spain and found my true calling in translation. No regrets. My past experiences have helped my translation work immensely. My time as an accountant helped in translating financial reports. The summers helping in my family's construction business helped with my engineering vocabulary. The years spent in restaurants, managing and bartending helped me with tourism brochures and menus. Every experience in my life gets used to help speak in the natural language that is needed for each type of translation.
  11. Hello from Turkey!

    Hi! I'm Deniz from Turkey and I'm a last year student in English Translation and Interpreting in Izmir University of Economics, so I'm about to be graduated! I really like translating and I've been working as a translator since I was in the second grade of the university and unlike my classmates, I want to be a translator and nothing else! I have translated texts in fields such as Media and Communication, Economics, Trade and some general texts, alongside the Legal documents and I've taken classes on the translation of these fields. Moreover, I'm currently learning Spanish and I would like to be a good, qualified translator in Turkish, English and Spanish language pairs.
  12. Hey everyone! My name is Darya

    Hey everyone! My name is Darya and I’m passionate about translation. I have a Specialist degree in International Relations and Translation and have been working in translation industry since 2014. I’m pretty lucky to have two mother tongues – Russian and Belorussian. I work with English and Swedish mainly on legal and financial subjects. Cheers!
  13. HI, I'm Andrew

    Glad to know you all and thank you for inviting me. I am a freelance English to Korean translator. You can check my profile: SmartCat and Forum. Hope to have good business with you.
  14. Hi all! Let me introduce myself, I'm an English<>Spanish Technical & Scientific Translator with more than 18 years of experience. I reside in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm specialized in medicine related text, as well as highly technical and automotive industry documents. Nice to be here! Regards Gabriela
  15. Nice to meet you! I`m Natalia.

    Hello! My name is Natalya. I'm a translator and I'm proud of it. Typically I work with texts related to marketing, advertising or law. I know English, French and Russian so I can translate texts in any of these langiages. Thing that I love the most in my work is the fact that every time that I translate new text I can learn a lot of new interesting things. That iw why my work can never be boring
  16. Hello from Spain!

    Hello everyone! I am a Spanish and English translator from Spain. I was born and raised in Spain but spent many years in the UK and consider both Spanish and English to be my native languages. I therefore translate from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. I have a background in sociology, psychology and education so it might come as no surprise that I specialize in these fields, but I also translate websites, apps, surveys and product descriptions. I use SmartCAT for most of my projects and I am very happy with it so far. I am also very impressed with the support, very fast and helpful! Becky
  17. Hi, I'm Nuno

    I'm an EN-PT translator from Portugal. I've studied Electrical Engineering and am currently studying Computer Engineering. I love translating anything IT-related, along with videogames or more general content.
  18. Hello all, I'm Suat Ozturk and living in Istanbul - Turkey. I'm an experienced freelance translator in IT, engineering, software, hardware, web, localization and working in EN-TR and FR-TR language pairs. My best wishes for all. Thank you !
  19. Max

    Hi there! my name is Max!
  20. Hi, I'm Gisela from Argentina

    Hi! I am Gisela from Rosario, Argentina. I have been in the freelance business for twelve years now working mainly for agencies in my country. Now I want to expand my international reach and SmartCat seems to be a good way of doing that. And, I have to say, I love the SmartCat online translation tool, I think it's swell. I am a certified translator with a technical-scientific/literary diploma, advanced law studies (incomplete), and my specializations include Legal, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Business, Marketing, Food/Cuisine, Wine/Beverages and Fashion/Beauty. A keen reader, I enjoy history and historic fiction, narrative and biographies. Looking forward to taking part in the senior translator program to increase my visibility and opportunities in the ecosystem.
  21. Hello everybody! My name is Samanta Libenson. I provide professional translation services from English into Latin American Spanish. I specialize in software and IT translations and interpretations. Professional qualifications as a Translator and Conference Interpreter, and a focus on quality!
  22. André from Portugal here!

    Hi everyone, I'm André! I'm Portuguese, 26 years old, and I have been living in Japan since 2012, where I'm working now as a video game motion designer. I have been around the translation and proofreading world ever since then, having mostly worked in the EN-PT pair, but also a lot in the JP-PT pair. I translate quite a lot of different contents, from websites to video games, apps, reviews, books, company stock informations, and I have translated a couple of official documents for the Rio 2016 Olympics from Japanese to Portuguese. I'm still not sure about what kind of projects are around here, but I hope I can be of as much help as I can! Best regards, André
  23. With eight years’ experience as a dedicated translator in various fields and skills in CAT tools such as SDL Trados 2007/2014, MultiTerm, Wordfast, Déjà Vu, memoQ, Memsource, XTM, and SmartCAT, Shepherd Zhang is a CATTI-2 certified translator delivering quality, timely and professional translation services in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Find more about me on my SmartCAT profile page: https://marketplace.smartcat.ai/#/freelancer/5651bae47451ae000d0034d5/profile/
  24. Hi, I'm Andrea

    Hi everyone! I'm Andrea, an ES/PT > EN translator based in sunny Florida in the U.S. I studied literary translation and still work on literary projects in my free time, when I'm not translating other work.
  25. Hi! I'm Carinne!

    Hi there! I'm Carinne, a Brazilian 29 years-old freelance translator. I enjoy working with books, documents and academic essays but, mostly, I have a variety of works in different fields, which makes me research more, learn more and be versatile. I hope to help you guys here at SmartCat Community, in whatever you need in terms of English-Portuguese(BR). Let's make this a big helpful resource to us translators.